Latest COVID-19 Updates

In response to COVID-19, AIC is transitioning to distance learning effective Monday, March 23, 2020.

July 16, 2020

Message from President Vince Maniaci

Dear AIC Students,

I am so happy to be the first to welcome you back to AIC for the fall semester. While all of our lives took an unexpected turn in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, it makes the anticipation of seeing you on campus next month even more exciting. It has been quiet here without you!

Faculty and administration have been working diligently throughout the summer to prepare for you to rejoin the campus community, ensuring your return paves the way for continued growth and success both academically and socially while making your health and safety our priority.

The College has plans in place for academics, athletics, and student life. I invite you to go to for more information.

I look forward to seeing you in August!

Vince Maniaci


July 1, 2020

Summer On-Campus Employment & Housing Update

AIC has made the decision to continue the restriction of in-person student employment through July 31, 2020. This means students cannot physically report to work through July 31, 2020 and can only work remotely if approved.

Similarly, on-campus student housing will continue to be restricted to only those students with extenuating circumstances through July 31, 2020. Students in need of emergency housing during this time (excluding those that have already been approved), should fill out the Emergency Summer Housing Request found on the myHousing Portal.

May 29, 2020

Message from President Vince Maniaci

Dear AIC Students,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we, like the rest of the nation, find ourselves in a period of ongoing uncertainty, and must think carefully about how to best ensure you receive a quality college education without compromising safety.

The coronavirus brings new developments each day, but please know that our great hope is that we are able to welcome you all back to campus in the fall. We are examining many possible strategies to reopen with in-person classes and on-campus housing in the fall semester, but we have no higher priority than your safety and wellbeing.

Public health officials suggest the need for social distancing may continue into the fall. While implementing physical distancing measures in an environment designed to bring people together to share knowledge, values, and experiences presents many challenges, we are committed to finding ways to maintain and enhance the student experience while keeping the AIC community safe.

We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 crisis and will follow state and federal public health guidelines to ensure our campus remains safe and healthy. As Massachusetts furthers its gradual reopening, we will pursue every opportunity for holding in-person classes in the fall.


Vince Maniaci

May 20, 2020

Message from President Vince Maniaci

Dear AIC Students,

I, along with your faculty and the entire administration, have been thinking of all of you for these past ten weeks, hoping that you are safe, well, and coping with this new way of living and learning through social distancing.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone and challenges our ability to anticipate what the future holds. We know the sacrifices you have made and the burdens you have had to take on over the past couple of months. You – our students – remain our focal point as we move forward with planning and making decisions to ensure continued delivery of your college education.

Our institutional response to the pandemic took several forms as we sought to support all of you while you grappled with each of your various personal and family situations, in addition to trying to keep up with course requirements. Grading policy modifications were instituted, with some exclusions, and the deadline for withdrawal was pushed out. The threshold for students with outstanding balances who were impacted financially by the pandemic was increased to allow students to register for classes without having to worry about how they were going to reduce their balance. Summer 1 and Summer 2 classes and portions of the summer work study program have been moved online. As we look to the fall, we are considering a number of different scenarios in order to best prepare to safely provide education and services to our students while keeping you, our faculty and our staff healthy. Our preference is for you to be back on campus and engaged with the AIC community. While we wait for final decisions from both the federal and state governments, we are planning for multiple scenarios so that you can continue with your college education and persist towards graduation. Additionally, our goal is to provide you with the best student life experience possible.

In celebration and recognition of the Class of 2020, AIC will conduct its first virtual Commencement Ceremony, to be available on YouTube on Saturday, May 30, 2020. The event will be accessible to all students, family and friends on that date, as well as available for viewing at any time after May 30 via a link to the 2020 Commencement on our website at

While you have been away, please know that our faculty and staff – most of whom have been working remotely – have been totally dedicated to making sure that your academic experience proceeds as smoothly as possible. Your deans, your faculty, all of our service areas, including counseling, student affairs, facilities, food services – are here for you. The offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs continue to be available to you, and we want to hear from all of you. Tell us how you are doing, what you need, and let us know how we can best serve you.


Vince Maniaci

May 15, 2020

Dear Students,

I hope you are beginning to feel that the end of the semester is here and you can start to recharge a little bit. Please know we miss seeing your faces every day.

For students already enrolled in, or considering taking, classes this summer, I want to share a couple things. First, in the on-going effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, all summer courses will be offered online. You will receive access information as the start of the term nears. Second, we are extending the P/NC option for summer courses, under the same policy we are using this semester.

Additionally, we understand that the pandemic has created a major disruption in your lives. To help respond to that, AIC is waiving all lab fees for scheduled summer courses including Environmental Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry. If you have any questions related to your bill, or require assistance, please email

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Take good care.


Mika Nash, EdD
Executive VP for Academic Affairs

May 1, 2020

Virtual Commencement Ceremony Announced

As a way of celebrating our students at a distance, AIC will hold our virtual spring 2020 Commencement ceremony on May 30. The details for how to log into this event will be forthcoming, but in preparation of the ceremony, we encourage students to order regalia so you can truly celebrate this event along with your peers. Information for how to order is below. As in years past, diplomas will be sent to each student’s primary mailing address over the summer. In the meantime, keep an eye out in the mail for a special folder designed to hold your diploma.

Please know we are continuing to seek ways to celebrate each of you, hopefully in late fall. We are committed to this idea, but we are aware that it is not clear when large gatherings will again be possible. We will be in touch about this.

Regalia is now live on the AIC web site:

Where there are different options (e.g., International Stoles, Military Stoles), students are instructed to leave selections in the Special Instructions field. Master’s and Doctoral candidates should also note their field of study in the special instructions box (e.g., Education, Business Administration, etc.), to ensure the correct degree color for your hood.

If you have questions about ordering regalia, please contact the Campus Store at

We look forward to seeing you online on May 30. Login details to follow.


Mika Nash, EdD
Executive VP for Academic Affairs
American International College

April 27, 2020

Summer 2020 Student Employment and Housing

Student Employment

Summer 1 Session
In an effort to keep the AIC community safe, AIC has made the decision to continue the restriction of in-person student employment through June 21, 2020. This means students cannot physically report to work through June 21, 2020, but departments can continue to utilize remote student employees if needed.

Summer 2 Session
A decision has not yet been made regarding in-person student employment after June 21, 2020. AIC will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on College operations and send an update when appropriate.

Summer Student Housing

On-campus student housing will be restricted to only those students with extenuating circumstances through June 21, 2020. Students in need of emergency housing during the summer 1 session, should fill out the Emergency Summer Housing Request found on the myHousing Portal. This includes all students currently living in emergency housing.

A decision has not yet been made regarding if the College will resume normal summer housing after June 21, 2020.

April 8, 2020

A Message from Sheila Stamm, Dean, School of Education and Professor

April 3, 2020

A Message from Mary Paquette, MS, RN, FNP, Director of Health Services

April 2, 2020

COVID-19 Student Accounts Information

American International College understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major disruption in your lives. With the recent transition to distance learning and many of our resident students leaving campus, you may have questions about how these changes impact your account.

In response to this health crisis, AIC is offering credit adjustments where applicable to all affected students. Information regarding credit adjustments to student accounts including room and board, tuition and fees, and student health insurance has been aggregated on the AIC COVID-19 webpage, which you can view by clicking here.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please email

March 31, 2020


I am writing to share a change in grading policy that we have implemented for the spring 2020 semester in response to the impact on students from COVID-19. We understand the move to remote learning necessitated by the pandemic has caused concern among some students for a variety of reasons, including access to technology and readiness to learn at a distance. To attempt to reduce some of this concern, we are offering the following grading options for the Spring 2020 semester, with some specific exclusions for students in the health sciences.

I know many of you are anxious. That’s a hard head space to learn in. It is important that you read this whole policy. Note the time we are giving you to think about what you want to do.

First, and most importantly, we are pushing back the withdraw (W) date to the end of the semester, and we are allowing students until after the semester is over and your grades are in to choose from the grading options available to you. We are giving you time because we want you to see how you perform when you’re not overcome by stress about learning. Please read the policy below carefully and reach out with questions.

For Spring 2020 semester, AIC will provide undergraduate students with the option of selecting a Pass(P)/No Credit (NC) grade option for all spring courses, provided the courses do not meet requirements for degrees in Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Exercise Science.

Regardless of what grade options students choose, there will be no final grades of ‘F’ assigned this semester. Spring 2020 standard letter grades will range ‘A’ through ‘D’ only, and ‘F’ will be replaced with an NC grade. A grade of NC will not be calculated in the GPA, and NC grades for required courses must be repeated, as there will be no credit earned for an NC grade.

Pass (P) Grades

  • Classes in which students earn a grade of Pass (P) do not have to be repeated.
  • Pass (P) grades satisfy degree requirements and pre-requisites.
  • Pass (P) grades result in college credit.
  • Pass (P) grades are not calculated in a student’s cumulative or term GPA.

No Credit (NC) Grades

  • Classes in which students earn a grade of No Credit (NC) must be repeated.
  • No Credit (NC) grades do not satisfy degree requirements or prerequisites.
  • No Credit (NC) grades do not result in college credit.
  • No Credit (NC) grades are not calculated in a student’s cumulative or term GPA.

We are giving students the rest of the semester to carefully consider what they would like to do, so they have time to get comfortable with distance learning. Take your time and ensure it is the right decision for you. Students who do not select the Pass/No Credit Option will receive the standard letter grade. If students have questions or need further guidance, they should reach out to their advisors, faculty, or dean.

The process for submitting your grading choices will be sent before the end of the semester.

IMPORTANT: if you are a student on academic probation, attempting to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP), working toward NCAA eligibility, or have financial aid questions, please ensure you talk with your advisor, academic coach, NCAA compliance coordinator (Jess Chapin), and/or a financial aid representative.

This Spring 2020 policy applies to undergraduate courses only. Graduate students’ grades are based on a different grading scale. If you are a graduate student who is experiencing challenges with your coursework, reach out directly to your faculty member, program director, or dean to discuss your options.

If you have specific questions about the policy, please reach out to your advisor, academic coach, or your dean:

School of Business, Arts, and Sciences: Dr. Susanne Swanker,

School of Health Sciences: Dr. Karen Rousseau,

School of Education: Dr. Sheila Stamm,

Mika Nash, EdD
Executive VP for Academic Affairs
American International College

March 30, 2020

Dear Senior class and graduating Master’s and Doctoral students,

I wanted to reach out to all of you to say that everyone here at AIC shares your frustration with COVID-19 and the way it has up-ended not only the rest of the semester, but your graduation plans as well. Commencement is, without question, my favorite day of the year because it is the time when our students celebrate what is often the biggest accomplishment of your lives thus far. I know how important it is, particularly for our first generation college students, but for everyone, honestly. Please know that cancelling the May 9th commencement was something no one here, or at any other institution, wanted to do, but that CDC order made it impossible to hold a gathering of larger than 50 at that time.

When Vince said we were actively looking at alternatives, I want to assure you that this is true. A group of us are meeting tomorrow to begin that conversation, which I know will yield a number of ideas. That said, the unknowns in the world are making it very difficult for us right now. We are hearing a lot of conflicting information about what this disease can do, whether it will disappear forever or whether it will come back in the fall even stronger, whether we will be allowed to hold large events, when people will be allowed to travel again. We want to refrain from making promises to you until we have a better sense for what COVID-19 has in store for us. This is the only fair way to approach the situation.

I am in constant contact with chief academic officers at other institutions and they are struggling with the same complexities. However, it is important to me that you believe me when I say we will find a way to honor your incredible achievement because it is important to us as well. You are the face of AIC and we want you to be able to celebrate this rite of passage.

If you have ideas for how we might do it, once everything settles down, send them to this link, which compiles them for me directly. I want to hear your thoughts.

Incidentally, I miss seeing your faces. I hope you’re all well. We will get through this.


Mika Nash, EdD
Executive VP for Academic Affairs
American International College

March 25, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

Over the last few days, you have received a number of communications regarding the unprecedented situation that colleges across the country are struggling to address. Like most other institutions, we have been moving as quickly as possible to respond to the myriad issues COVID-19 has placed in front of us, and I want to thank you for your patience and your faith in AIC and in one another.

Yesterday, Governor Charlie Baker mandated a stay-at-home order for non-essential organizations. This stay-at-home order excludes “educators and staff supporting public and private colleges and universities for purposes of facilitating distance learning, provision of school meals, or performing other essential student support functions, if operating under rules for social distancing.” College operations will continue, but campus is closed to the public and current students, with the exception of approved vendors and delivery services.

It remains critical that college operations continue in support of those students remaining on campus and for all those currently enrolled in distance education modules. Faculty and staff have been diligently preparing for this week’s launch of AIC’s distance education transition, and everyone was excited to welcome students back to classes.

In order to facilitate communication for our campus community, a consolidated department contact list has been created and is accessible via this link.

Like many other institutions across the country, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel commencement ceremonies scheduled for May 9, 2020. Degrees will be conferred by the Board of Trustees and diplomas will be mailed per normal practice. We know how important it is to celebrate this momentous event in students’ lives, and we are actively thinking about alternative possibilities.

AIC’s students remain our number one priority and the COVID-19 outbreak has challenged us to become creative and resourceful as we find ways to continue delivery of academic programming and resources to those students, while reducing disruption to their education and their lives, to the greatest extent possible, during this time of global crisis.

American International College’s motto is perhaps even more appropriate today than when it was first conceived: Post Tenebras Lux – after darkness, light. These words embody who we are and what we will continue to bring to our students, to each other, and to the community.


Vince Maniaci

March 17, 2020

Dear American International College Community,

The evolving COVID-19 pandemic has affected individuals, communities, and institutions on a global scale. Higher education is not immune. In order to safeguard the health and welfare of all members of the AIC family, we are taking the following unprecedented measures.

Student Coursework

All regular session Spring 2020 classes will resume on Monday, March 23, through distance education methods as determined by your specific faculty and coursework requirements for as long as necessary. Faculty are working this week to move their courses into remote teaching and learning, and students can expect to hear from each of their faculty members toward the end of this week about how to access their courses moving forward. For those involved in the theater production, that event has been cancelled. Please connect with Professor Borrelli to determine next steps.

If you are a Health Sciences student, you may still have access to clinical placements and fieldwork. Students may remain in their placements as determined by the guidelines of their clinical/fieldwork site. Students should direct their questions or concerns to their fieldwork coordinators or course coordinators. We will evaluate the ability for students to return for lab competencies at a later date based on state or federal guidelines.

Many faculty will be making use of Blackboard and/or Zoom. Blackboard, as students know, is accessed through the portal. Zoom is an app students can add to their phones or laptops (App Store: ZOOM Cloud Meetings), and it can also be accessed through the web ( For IT assistance, please contact

Student Housing

As AIC moves to distance education, all on-campus student housing will close. All residents that were approved to remain in residence halls during the extended spring break and are currently on campus must move out by Sunday, March 22, 2020. For purposes of maintaining social distancing, all residential students who are currently off campus are required to sign up for a time slot to return to campus and move all personal belongings out of residence halls by Sunday, March 29, 2020. Information regarding the retrieval of personal belongings from residence halls is available on myAIC.

The College recognizes that some students will have exceptional circumstances and thus be unable to move off campus by the deadline pertaining to them as described above. Any students with exceptional circumstances who are unable to move out by the assigned deadline must apply to remain in student housing via myAIC. Decisions will be made based on individual student needs.

Specific details on room and board prorated refunds will be made available to students and families soon. We ask your patience while the Offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid determine this process.

Student Events and Commencement

All athletic and co-curricular student events, including year-end campus traditions and awards ceremonies, have been cancelled.

The decision regarding whether or not Commencement will take place will be communicated at a later date.

These actions and decisions are necessary to allow our students, faculty, and staff to continue to learn and work effectively, while at the same time reducing risk to their continued good health and the health of others.

AIC will continue to monitor the situation. Any new information will be posted here as it becomes available.


Vince Maniaci

Dexter Health Center | COVID-19

The following new protocols are being instituted at Dexter Health & Counseling effective immediately:

  1. Doors to Dexter will be locked at all times. Access to the building will be screened by phone (413) 205-3248.
  2. All students who remain on campus must comply with social distancing and self-quarantine expectations if applicable.
  3. There will be no access to the building for counseling appointments. All services will be conducted remotely via phone.

March 13, 2020

Spring Break Extended

In an effort to reduce the potential threat of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on campus, American International College is extending spring break by one week. The purpose of extending the break is to prepare for distance learning through the end of the semester, if it is deemed necessary.

Students are not to return to campus until Sunday, March 22, 2020.

At this time, classes will resume on Monday, March 23, 2020.

AIC asks that employees, students, and guests not visit campus if they are sick or have come in contact with someone who is ill.

School-Sponsored Travel

Due to the evolving nature of the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, American International College is suspending all school-sponsored travel. Additionally, all campus events are cancelled until further notice.

These are proactive measures to reduce the threat of COVID-19 to the AIC community.

Travel Notification:
As we continue to track the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we want to make sure students are taking appropriate precautions to protect themselves and the rest of the community. Please help us keep the AIC community healthy and safe by filling out THIS LINK and telling us where you traveled during the last 14 days.

Students that have traveled outside of the United States to a CDC level II or level III country or have taken a cruise (regardless of destination) are asked not to return to campus or classes until observing a 14-day quarantine.

Please continue to monitor this page for updates.

Resident Students:
In response to the current COVID-19 outbreak, AIC has made the decision to extend Spring Break by one week. Residence Halls will now reopen on Sunday, March 22, 2020 starting at 10:00 a.m. We are asking all residents to remain home until Sunday March 22, 2020, however, in the case that you absolutely cannot and must return to campus you will need to apply for early return through the COVID-19 Early Return Request Form.

Approval for early return will only be considered under extenuating circumstances and the deadline to apply is Monday, March 16, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. We appreciate your understanding.

March 12, 2020

Spring Sports Suspended Until NE10 Review

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, the Northeast-10 Conference announced that it is suspending spring sports competition until April 13, 2020. Per the NE10’s statement: “As appropriate, the NE10 membership will engage in discussions seeking creative solutions to the remainder of the competitive season should competition safely resume after April 13. Participation in NCAA Division II winter postseason championships will remain an institutional decision.” Representatives of AIC’s indoor track and field and wrestling teams will compete in their national championships in Birmingham, Alabama, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, respectively, this weekend (March 13 and 14, 2020).

For more information on NE-10 and the Coronavirus, visit the NE-10 website:

Atlantic Hockey Cancels Conference Tournament

In response to the evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Atlantic Hockey Association has cancelled its conference tournament, including AIC’s quarterfinal series against Bentley University that was to begin on Friday, March 13, 2020. Should the NCAA decide to hold the national tournament, AIC, being the regular season champions and highest remaining tournament seed, will represent the conference for the second consecutive year.

For more information on the Atlantic Hockey Tournament, visit the Atlantic Hockey website:

Tips for Easing ‘Coronavirus Anxiety’:

To help alleviate the anxieties that may accompany the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, AIC’s Counseling Department has provided these helpful resources:

Healthy Hive

March 11, 2020

Ahead of students’ return to campus from spring break on Monday, March 16, 2020, American International College, with facilities maintenance provider C&W Services, has taken the following sanitary precautions:

  • Each of the College’s thirty-eight traditional classrooms are stocked with Oxivir® Tb disinfecting wipes.
  • All horizontal surfaces and touch points in all classrooms have been treated—and will continue to be treated—with CDC- and WHO-recommended disinfectant cleaners Virex® II 256 and Virex® Tb. (Non-academic and administrative offices have been treated in the same manner.)

These precautions augment the College’s standard cleaning procedures, which remain uninterrupted.

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