Letter From the President

Dear American International College Community,

Access, opportunity, and diversity – these are the defining qualities of AIC. We seek to uphold these ideals for all students, staff, and faculty to thrive on campus and beyond. A welcoming and inclusive campus climate is grounded in mutual respect, nurtured by dialogue, evidenced by a pattern of civil interaction, and is one of the foundations of our educational model. Creating and maintaining a community environment that respects individual needs, abilities, and potential is critically important.

AIC has formed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Committee (DEISC), which consists of students and employees whose diversity in identity and thought reflects the College’s community. This committee is driven to identify areas of both concern and opportunity related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at AIC.

With this goal in mind, the committee’s first task is to have the College undergo a critical climate assessment during 2022-2023. AIC is partnering with Rankin & Associates Consulting, LLC (R&A) to provide guidance and ensure transparency. R&A has conducted more than 200 climate survey assessments over the last twenty years. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

A team from R&A is currently working with the DEISC to develop and disseminate a survey across campus in the fall specifically tailored for AIC. Responses will remain anonymous once they are submitted. The DEISC will use these responses to determine if and how the College can improve diversity, equity, and inclusion for everyone that is a part of our campus community to create and foster an environment that prioritizes students and employees alike. It cannot be stressed enough how important maximum participation is for this survey.

A climate survey website is being built to share survey developments and results. We will share this website once it is ready and more information about this process as it unfolds.

It is our hope that you will join our efforts to improve the future of AIC.




Nicolle Cestero
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President, and Chief of Staff


Matthew Scott, MEd
Vice President for Student Affairs

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