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Buzz Back
Degree Completion Program


The Buzz Back program at American International College was created to give former undergraduate students an opportunity to return to complete their degree without the weight of outstanding account balances to hold them back. Students enrolled in the Buzz Back program will have their initial outstanding balances forgiven upon completion of their degree, removing the financial obstacle created by that debt.*

We understand that many students have put their education on hold for any number of reasons. As an institution that prides itself on providing access and opportunity to those seeking higher education, AIC offers flexibility with fully online, evening, and traditional day courses, and will work with you step by step in your journey to graduation.

*Applies to outstanding balances on AIC student accounts only. Buzz Back does NOT forgive federal student loan debt, or other accounts held by third party creditors.


The Buzz Back program is open to undergraduate students who previously attended AIC and did not complete their degree, have not been enrolled for at least two years, and whose student accounts balances have not been placed with a collection agent. Degree programs must be completed within six years of reenrollment, and Buzz Back students must take a minimum of six credits per semester while maintaining a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. In addition, payment arrangements covering all classes taken through the Buzz Back program must be approved in advance.

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