2014 WinterFall 2014 Lucent Cover with Alexandra Billert holding denim View as PDF
2014 SummerCover of 2014 Summer Lucent with President Vince Maniachi taking a selfie with a graduating student View as PDF
2014 SpringLucent alumni magazine cover of Spring 2014 edition with Brian Chevalier '14 in front of tractor View as PDF

2013 Spring-SummerLucent Spring/Summer Cover with Daniel Warwick holding a laptop View as PDF
2013 FallFall 2013 Lucent Cover with John Wilson on cover View as PDF
2012 FallCover of Fall 2012 Lucent with desk covered with books, pens, and newspaper View as PDF

2012 SummerSummer 2012 Lucent Cover with african children in the shape of a cross View as PDF
2012 Spring2012 Spring Lucent Cover with Dr. Blaine K. Stevens View as PDF
2011 Fall2011 Fall Lucent Cover with student actors in Shakespearean robe View as PDF

2011 Summer2011 Summer Lucent Cover with US Ambassador to Estonia Michael C. Polt View as PDF
2011 Spring2011 Spring Lucent Cover with Special Agent James Myers View as PDF
2010 Fall2010 Fall Lucent Cover with Professor of Physical Therapy Patrick Carley View as PDF