Dexter Counseling Services
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Sometimes college students need a little help getting through hard times and AIC’s Dexter Counseling Center wants them to know that’s OK.

In the fall semester, AIC’s Dexter Counseling Center asked the College’s Office of Marketing and Communications for ideas on how to get the word out to students that mental health is a vital component of their overall physical well-being. This request resulted in a series of posters that were designed to engage students without being judgmental. Placed around campus, the posters encourage students to visit the Dexter Counseling Center, if only for the opportunity to have someone listen to whatever they want to share.

College and university counseling centers nationwide have seen an annual increase in the number of students seeking help with mental health concerns including feelings of anxiety, depression and hopelessness. It is critical that students be aware of the campus services available to them free of charge at AIC. However, misconceptions, trepidation, and even shame sometimes prevent individuals from seeking the support and help they need or want.

“The real push is around reducing the stigma associated with getting help. Even though more students are using our services each year, I think there is still a negative perception about seeking mental health treatment,” explains Renee Rosado, PsyD, LMHC, American International College’s director of counseling. “The idea behind this campaign is to eliminate preconceived notions about utilizing supportive counseling services. Really, we’re just here to talk, listen, and provide some feedback.”

The Dexter Counseling Center employs two full-time staff counselors as well as two doctoral students majoring in psychology with a concentration in athletic counseling. The Center offers a broad range of individual and group programs and services to assist students in dealing with life’s challenges and stresses. Integrated with Dexter Health Services, the Counseling Center has a clinical nurse specialist to assist with consulting about and prescribing medication. All services are offered at no cost to the student.