Local Media Looks to AIC Faculty for Expert Commentary
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When the media reaches out to AIC for an expert opinion, we’ve got it covered. We’re fortunate to have great minds on campus who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the extended community…while helping AIC shine in the process.

Professor of Economics John Rogers, PhD

John Rogers HeadshotGot a question about the economy? John Rogers has the answer. Whether the topic is the roller coaster stock market, social security benefits, potential increases to the minimum wage, or Black Friday/Cyber Monday trends in retailing, Professor Rogers has a gift for boiling down the complex to understandable terms while delivering a one-take soundbite that impresses even seasoned reporters.

“Our overheated political debates do a poor job of analyzing and understanding economic issues. What I would call ‘economic literacy’ is in short supply on a range of topics that impact the future of our lives, our families, and our country, including international trade and investment, wages and benefits, unemployment, the stock market and the prices that we pay for key commodities such as oil and gas, food, healthcare, and education. I like to think that my comments as an economist can help the viewers of programming in this area to think more critically and with more understanding about these critical issues.”

Associate Professor of International Business Gary Lefort, MBA

Gary Lefort HeadshotAn expert on international business and a career military man who served his country for 22 years with the Army, including time at the Pentagon with the Department of Defense, Professor and Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Lefort has a wealth of experience and knowledge. He provides insight into the global marketplace while often doing double duty by discussing issues of terrorism at home and abroad as an invited guest to the studios of the local affiliates, sharing his insight live and on-air during breaking news events. Professor Lefort is willing to meet the media wherever, whenever they call. Last fall, he cut short a Friday dinner date to meet a reporter for an interview in the restaurant’s parking lot!

“I enjoy reaching out to people about world events and hopefully giving them a better understanding of what is happening in the world and how these events can impact their lives. I also see AIC as a valuable academic, business, and professional resource to the Greater Springfield area and so we should reach out to the local communities whenever possible.”

Associate Professor of Biology Charles Boyd, PhD

Charles Boyd HeadshotCharles Boyd knows a thing or two about genetics and cell and molecular biology. He was called upon this spring to share his insight relative to the potential benefit of genetic modification of mosquitoes in dealing with the Zika virus. The previously camera-shy Dr. Boyd provided an eloquent interview and his expertise extended well beyond the local market. The interview was picked up by stations in Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

“While going to the University of California for my doctorate, it was impressed upon me that, like it or not, I was very likely to be the expert in my field within my community. I should be willing to step into the role of public educator if called upon. I took this to mean that I should help clarify complicated issues so that the public (including my students) will have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

“My second reason was that I know AIC has an important place in the community, and like all places of higher learning, we will benefit by putting ourselves forward to help the community around us. I like the thought that AIC can help make issues of the day clearer to the general public. It was one reason I got into education in the first place. And helping AIC’s public standing is a responsibility I feel I have as a faculty member here.”

Chair of the Criminal Justice Department and Chief of Campus Police David Kuzmeski, JD

David Kuzmeski HeadshotDavid Kuzmeski wears a lot of hats. As a former police officer, practicing attorney, department chair and chief of campus police, he’s a busy guy. While Professor Kuzmeski fields questions about trends in criminal justice, Chief Kuzmeski is always available to discuss policies and procedures that keep our students protected and comfortable.

“The primary reason I speak to the media is to be transparent for the benefit of the College community and our neighbors. Being transparent promotes trust and corrects misconceptions. I wish to emphasize that the safety of the campus and the immediate neighborhood is of the highest priority, as one can only excel in a safe environment. As to topics of general criminal justice interest, I am an educator and I take pleasure in contributing to the dialogue on various criminal justice topics. Frank and open dialogue is the cornerstone to building a progressive and equitable criminal justice system.”

Associate Professor of Political Science Julie Walsh, PhD

Julie Walsh HeadshotWho’s in? Who’s out? Who’s hot? Who’s not? In this wildly exciting and vastly unpredictable political season, Professor Walsh is ready to respond to a full range of questions from the Iowa caucuses to the Massachusetts primary to the November election.

“When faculty members are able to demonstrate their expertise in media interviews, the College’s reputation is enhanced. I am grateful to have the opportunity to make a contribution to that effort.”