Fall 2017 Campus Update
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AIC Announces Second Largest Freshman Enrollment in a Decade

In September 2017, AIC announced its second-largest freshman class since 2007 with a total enrollment of 504 new students, surpassing admissions goals and bringing in one of the most academically competitive classes in recent years. As has been the case for much of AIC’s history, the members of this incoming class come from richly diverse backgrounds, and many are first-generation college students.

According to AIC President Vince Maniaci, “We are extremely pleased to welcome such a robust class of freshmen. Considerable credit goes to the dedicated undergraduate admissions team who go the extra mile to assist students. Staff members will drive to some students’ homes over the summer to help with paperwork or simply reinforce the message that they have made the right choice by coming to college. Collaboration across campus contributes to this success. AIC’s program offerings provide a foundation on which students can build to reach their full potential and are taught by faculty who strive to provide a student-centered learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and personal development. AIC athletics’ staff and coaches work diligently to recruit students both nationally and internationally while fostering the “student” in student-athlete. Student Affairs is committed to helping students learn about living through organizations, clubs, leadership programs on campus and a commitment to community involvement off campus. Our administrative departments, such as marketing and communications, assist in outreach and are instrumental to our collective success.”

AIC Ranked in Top 10 Small Colleges in State

Zippia.com, a website dedicated to helping people find and pursue the right career, has named American International College (AIC) one of the top 10 small colleges in Massachusetts.

Zippia sorted schools in the Bay State by enrollment, limiting their report to institutions with fewer than 2,000 students. They assessed data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and college scorecard data from ED.gov to determine which small schools offer the best career opportunities and school performance. Career considerations included mean earnings after six years and 10 years, and the ratio of people working to not working after 10 years. School performance was measured in terms of admissions rate (the more selective, the better), graduation rate, average cost of attendance (lower is better), and debt upon graduation.

AIC Named Among Fastest Growing Colleges

The Chronicle of Higher Education has named American International College one of the fastest growing colleges in the United States for the sixth time. Among private, nonprofit doctoral institutions, AIC placed fourth among the top 20 colleges and universities in the country with a 95% growth rate.

AIC nearly doubled its enrollment over a 10-year span from 2005-2015.

In a categorical comparison to other colleges and universities in Massachusetts, AIC surpassed ninth-rated Worcester Polytechnic Institute as the only other college or university in the Commonwealth that placed in the private, nonprofit doctoral category.

Remembering 9.11.01

Photo Credit: Leon Nguyen ’16

Volunteers from AIC student organizations on campus began placing 2,996 flags on the quad in memory of each person who perished on September 11, 2001, at the exact time the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Campus Ministry Outreach and Professor of English and Religion Fr. John McDonagh, STL, JCL, MBA, spoke at 10:10 a.m., the precise time that Flight 93 crashed into a field in Pennsylvania with passengers trying to overtake the hijackers. While many of the students were too young to remember the event, they reflected upon the magnitude of the loss that still affects so many today, with a hope for unity and peace in the world tomorrow.

Top Marks

Photo Credit: Leon Nguyen ’16

AIC is proud to recognize Ellen Furman, PhD, RN and John Rogers, PhD as its President’s Faculty Excellence Award recipients for 2017. The awards, given annually for overall excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service, exemplify AIC’s standing as a leader in higher education in the Springfield, Massachusetts area.

Dr. Furman is an assistant professor of nursing and associate director for graduate nursing programs at AIC whose practice and scholarly interests focus on gerontology. She is also a board-certified clinical nurse specialist in gerontological nursing.

Dr. Rogers is a professor of economics and former dean of the AIC School of Business Administration. He teaches economics, finance, and healthcare management, and is a frequent spokesperson for the College on matters as diverse as trade, market trends, and the retail economy.


faculty seated in theatre with caps and gowns on
Photo Credit: Leon Nguyen ’16

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, AIC celebrated shared learning, purpose, and academic excellence through the convocation ceremony, a ritual with origins dating back centuries in the history of academia. A gathering focused on community, AIC’s 2017 convocation brought together students, faculty, and administrators in a common purpose.

The ceremony began with the benediction by Fr. John McDonagh, STL, JCL, MBA, coordinator of campus ministry and outreach, Diocese of Springfield. Speakers included President Vince Maniaci, Susanne Swanker, dean of the School of Business, Arts and Sciences; Thomas Maulucci, chair of the Faculty Senate and professor of history; and Dante Raggio, Student Government Association president.