Go Yellow Jackets

The class of 2019 was the ninth to be inducted into the American International College Athletic Hall of Fame, which was first established in 2005. Membership in the Hall of Fame will be granted to those AIC graduates and others who have distinguished themselves through outstanding participation in the AIC athletics program, have been instrumental in contributing to the development of student-athletes, or have made a major contribution to intercollegiate athletics. All nominees should additionally serve as outstanding examples of the type of character, courage, leadership, and well-rounded individuals that American International College seeks to develop through its athletics program.

The fall 2019 season has begun, and AIC athletics is finding new ways to reach fans with premium web, audio, and video content.

THE AIC ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2019 (from left): The ’96 and ’97 AIC Softball teams (represented by Shana Perry ’97 and Ravella Gericke ’97); Richard F. Bedard ’71, MBA ’86; Robert Edmund Bramble III ’81; Jaime Marques ’01; Clem Morrison ’73; Christopher O’Connor ’84; Kervelle Redhead ’12; Bob Rutherford ’70; Dominic Smith ’12; Alison Fitzsimmons ’14.

The Yellow Jacket Experience is an all-new weekly podcast that will provide fans of the Yellow Jackets with an in-depth look at student-athletes, coaches, and administrators from our twenty-five teams and beyond. Created and hosted by Director of Athletic Communications Thomas Pool, each episode of the podcast features two interviews, in which guests give insight not only into their teams, but also themselves, offering listeners a unique, new way to get to know the Yellow Jackets beyond what they can read in the box scores.

The Buzz is an all-new weekly video series designed to showcase the Yellow Jackets. Hosted by Coordinator of Athletic Communications Seth Dussault ‘11, MEd ’15, new episodes of The Buzz premiere every Monday on the athletics YouTube channel and social media platforms. Following a newscast format, the show takes viewers through all of the scores from the previous week in AIC athletics, including highlights of key plays by the College’s athletes, and provides an upcoming schedule of contests for our twenty-five teams in a fast-paced, informative way.

AICYellowJackets.com has been redesigned, complete with exciting new features to improve the experience of Yellow Jackets fans. Updates include an easier-to-read, responsive format that works equally well when viewed on a computer screen or on a mobile device, links to social media and video content, quick access to a schedule of upcoming events, and an all-new Student-Athlete Spotlight that allows our athletics communications team to update fans on the accomplishments of our student-athletes beyond just the stats.


Photo by Leon Nguyen