Higher Dedication
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AIC has a new website, a new logo, and a new rallying cry, but we remain as dedicated as ever to our values, to our mission, and to the students who demand the very best from us.

Brand New

For 130 years, American International College has nurtured, challenged, and prepared the students who find their way to our doors.

That’s a tradition that will never change.

While we remain firm in our commitment to who we are and what we stand for, we must never stop searching for better, more interesting, and more engaging ways to share the AIC story with the world. And we must ensure that what we say about ourselves—and how we say it—remains vital and relevant to the generations of students who have yet to find us.

But writing the next chapter is a big undertaking. To make sure we got it just right, we solicited feedback from thousands of AIC constituencies, including prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the Springfield community. We asked for all this input because we wanted a real understanding of what people think about when they think of AIC.

What we learned could not have been more uplifting: When people think of AIC, they think of the supportive community that exists here.

We were thrilled with that finding because it means that regardless of what our students hope for in their lives, we give them the support they need to achieve it. We match their drive with our higher dedication to make a difference.

new banners hanging over Amaron Hall behind students packing quadYou might be asking, “What does all this really mean?”

Well, a few things have changed.

In addition to our new rallying cry, which you will start to see more frequently in all our communications, we also have a beautiful new website that helps us share our mission with the world. Head over to www.aic.edu to check it out! This new site gives us more opportunities to share stories, pictures, and videos—all things that prospective students are looking for.

We also have a new logo that features our bold “A” — an arrow that literally points up and forward—a constant reminder of where our students need us to take them.

This bold new look is certainly quite a departure from our most recent logo, but we think it fits quite nicely with how our visual identity has changed over the decades.

Of course, many things remain the same: We are still the Yellow Jackets.

Our colors are still gold and white. Our motto remains Post tenebras lux.

Most importantly, we are as dedicated as ever to ensuring the success of AIC students.