Lucent Readership Survey

It is our goal in the American International College Alumni Office to encourage and foster lifelong alumni participation, involvement, and commitment. We strive as an office to constantly improve and strengthen the bond between AIC and our alumni. In order to help attain this goal we wanted to know what our readers think of Lucent, so we sent out an email survey and asked your opinion. This is what you said…

  • 67% of you said that Lucent is how you get all or most of your updates and information about AIC. Most of the responses made it clear you like to read your Lucent as a hard copy. For those of you interested in an online version, you are in the right place!
  • Because of this survey we now know that most of you said you want more:

> photography

> more athletics stories

> more updates on faculty and their accomplishments

  • We also discovered that most of you are not interested in:

> campus controversies

> faith-based or community issues

What was the most important for us to learn was that almost everyone who responded made it very clear that Lucent is an alumni publication, and, as such, you want more information about your classmates and updates about their accomplishments. You read Lucent to learn about AIC happenings but also to see who has written a book, gotten married, traveled abroad, been recognized in their community, been promoted, or who retired. In order to accomplish this we need to hear from you! Email us (, send us a letter, or call us (413.205.3520) to share your news and updates.

The entire Lucent editorial board is grateful to all of those who took the time to fill out the survey. Your answers will help us shape our decision making and assist us as we craft a publication that shares everything AIC and engages you as readers. We will use these results to help write stories that align your interests and needs; to maintain and build upon the positive relationships we have already created;  to increase the communication with our younger alumni; and to continue to serve as the primary communications link between AIC and you.

Thank you again for your feedback.