Rex Report

NAME: Janelis Rodriguez

HOMETOWN: Springfield, Massachusetts

AIC AFFILIATION: Junior in the 5-year BSOS/MSOT Occupational Therapy program; ACE Program, Student Government, College Steps, and tutoring program

WHY AIC?: “I wanted to stay close to home, and I really like the diversity of this campus.”

IN BRIEF: “A motivated individual who has a passion for helping others”

HONORS: Presidential Scholarship, ACE Achiever Award, Emerging Leader Award, and Sophomore Peer Leader Award

Proudest Moment: Maintaining straight As throughout college career

A Word of Advice: “Network as much as possible. Whichever program you’re interested in, go talk to those that are at the top of your program, because it’s always who you know that’s going to open doors for you.”

BIGGEST LIFE LESSON: “Your desire for success has to be bigger than your fear of failure; you have to fail in order to be successful.”

PHILOSOPHY: “One day at a time—my mom always tells me that.”

FAVORITE AIC PROFESSOR: Jennifer Nordstrom, an adjunct professor of occupational therapy, “gives teaching her all, and she goes above and beyond to make sure her students are successful. She’s definitely someone I admire as both a professor and occupational therapist.”

What’s next? “I hope to get a doctorate in occupational therapy and give back to my community by opening up a nonprofit.”