Black History Month at AIC

Benjamin O. Davis Jr. in the Cockpit of a Plane

Throughout the month of February, American International College (AIC) will use the College’s social media platforms and website to feature prominent individuals who have helped shape the culture and fabric of our locally, nationally, and globally. Leaders from the civil rights movement, the military, literature, exploration, sports and entertainment will be highlighted daily.

As an institution of higher learning with nearly half of its population comprised of first generation students, one of the hallmarks of American International College is the value it places on diversity. “The diversity that results from a population with mixed backgrounds is one of our strengths,” says President Vince Maniaci. “AIC is very student-centric and believes that while a college education includes academic and intellectual growth, it must also include the development of personal, spiritual, and emotional intelligence. We all see things through a different prism based on the environment we come from; being culturally diverse leads to deeper discussions and increased awareness as AIC students make their way into a rapidly changing world.”

To join AIC in this month-long tribute, please visit American International College’s Facebook page at or Twitter, @aiconcampus.

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