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BusinessWest calls “AIC the Smart Choice for Health Programs”

As the population grows and ages, and the need for quality healthcare services grows, so too does the need for highly trained professionals to provide that care.

According to an article in BusinessWest, “AIC has emerged as a regional leader in the ongoing work to not only train individuals for careers in healthcare, but fully prepare them to succeed in this ever-changing, increasingly challenging sector.”

“This is an assignment, or commitment, that the college approaches with a passion, a word chosen carefully by Cesarina Thompson, PhD, RN, ANEF, dean of the School of Health Sciences. It’s a passion for serving the community and for helping a diverse population of individuals — many of them first-generation college students — achieve their dreams of providing compassionate care and working on the cutting edge of medicine.”

This is high praise coming from the esteemed business publication. To learn more about what makes AIC’s School of Health Sciences successful, the array of programs offered, and what Dean Thompson has to say about AIC’s commitment to healthcare and the community, please click on the link below.

Business West: AIC Is the Smart Choice for Health Programs

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