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AIC faculty members are frequently called upon by the local media to shed light on complex issues impacting the region, the nation, and the world. In the past several weeks, they have commented on topics including increasing gas prices; how tariffs could create a trade war with China; the United States’ strike on Syria and the Syrian civil war; and the troubling increase in teen suicide.

Professors John Rogers, PhD, Gary Lefort, MBA, and Lina Racicot, EdD, have shared their insight in the following segments from a variety of news outlets.

Professor of Economics Rogers discusses whether you will be paying more for gas after Trump’s decision to back out of the Iran nuclear agreement.
WWLP-22 News: Will you be paying more for gas after Trump’s Iran decision?

In a second story, he shed light on how Trump tariffs could create a trade war with China in an in-depth interview with the local PBS station.
WGBY-Connecting Point: Trump Tariffs Could Create a Trade War with China/

Professor of International Business Gary Lefort, a career military man who served his final tour of duty at the Pentagon before coming to AIC, weighs in on Syria.
WGBY-Connecting Point: Gary Lefort on United States’ Strike on Syria, Syrian Civil War

Director of Graduate Psychology Lina Racicot addresses the concerning uptick in teen suicide.
WGBY-Connecting Point: Increase in Teen Suicide Rates with AIC’s Dr. Lina Racicot

AIC is fortunate to have accomplished faculty who are willing and able to share their knowledge with students and the greater community.

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