Global Interdependence Leads to Supply Chain Woes

Professor Rogers

China is shutting down some of its business hubs in response to a spike in COVID cases. And that could mean yet another disruption in the supply chain.

Economic expert at AIC Professor John Rogers said this could impact everything from t-shirts to toys. One company that had to close down operations briefly at their headquarters this week. Foxconn, they are a major supplier of iPhones. The company has since partially resumed its operations as of today.

“We’re all interdependent and what happens in one country we may not think much about, but we always have to realize how dependent we are and what’s going on in other countries [impacts us].”

Rogers also said this supply chain crisis we’ve seen over the last two years shows how much the U.S. depends on China for consumer goods. If China locks down, the impacts will also be felt here. But he doesn’t expect this most recent lockdown to last long. Full story is available on WWLP-22News.

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