Student Nurse Association Makes the Holiday Brighter for Children in Foster Care

Nursing student Gina Polastry participates in a holiday toy drive benefitting children in foster care

Student nurse Gina Polastry, a member of the SNA, can relate. Gina went into the foster-care system at 15. Her father passed away from skin cancer when she was 13, and her mother struggled with substance abuse. Gina, who wants to work in drug rehab or an alcohol treatment facility when she graduates in 2018, was placed with a foster family for more than two years. “I know what it’s like to have nothing. Even though I was with a wonderful family, [as a foster child] you feel out of the loop. I picked a tag for a 19-year-old boy who asked only for towels. When a 19-year-old requests bath towels, it hits a soft spot.”

The toy drive hit a soft spot with a lot of students and staff on campus too. The SNA delivered more than 120 toys to children who will not be at home with their families this season. The SNA exceeded their toy goal last year and this year’s efforts even surpassed last year.

Future nurses helping to mend kids’ hearts.

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