Bachelor of Arts or Science / Master of Education

AIC’s Education program is an accelerated program that enables students to receive a Bachelor’s Degree (with a dual major in an Arts and Sciences field and Education) and a Master of Education degree in just 5 years.

We’re committed to providing you with the most efficient and cost-effective path to obtain the degrees and licenses you need to start teaching and achieve success.

The program focuses on coursework in both majors as well as preparation for relevant portions of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL), which you will need to pass in order to become licensed to teach in Massachusetts. (If you are planning to teach in another state, you will need to pass that state’s licensing test.) This approach provides a streamlined and cost-effective path to the degrees and licenses you’ll need to start teaching as soon as possible.

As a graduate of the program, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed for a variety of advanced degree programs and careers, including:

  • Early education
  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education
  • Curriculum design
  • Masters programs in education or specialized subjects

Requirements for Teacher Licensure

Being a part of the Education program at AIC has changed my life. My professors have supported and guided me every
step of the way, building in me the strength, compassion, courage, and motivation I want to pass on to my future students. They have taught me more than I could have imagined—about myself and the world.

—Alison Bates ’14 Education/Liberal Studies Student

In the classroom. In the workforce.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll receive a Bachelor’s Degree with a dual major in an arts and sciences field and education in four years, and a Master of Education degree after an additional fifth year.

Career Opportunities

You’ll be provided with the most efficient and cost-effective path to obtain the degrees and licenses you need to start teaching and achieve success.

Program Requirements

Freshman Year

  • Focus on Gen Eds and
  • Select Major

Sophomore Year

  • EDC103 and EDC105
  • Pass MTEL: Reading and Writing
  • PSY101, PSY102
  • Focus on Arts & Sciences, Math

Junior Year

  • Continue taking courses in your major
  • EDC200 / EDC201
  • EDC321
  • PSY309
  • EDC103 + EDC105 if transfers

Senior Year

  • Complete all coursework for Arts & Science major.
  • EDC317 and/or EDC320*
  • EDC308 or EDC311*
  • EDC302*
  • EDC395*
  • PSY301
  • PSY208
  • Prepare for remaining MTELs
  • Bachelor’s degree awarded (120 credits)

Summer After Senior Year

  • EDC460 OL
  • EDC412 OL
  • EDC409 OL
  • (9 graduate credits)

The Fifth Year

Fall Semester

  • EDC504 or EDC547*
  • EDC400 or EDC406*
  • EDC554
  • EDC500
  • (12 credits)

Spring Semester

  • EDC546
  • EDC439A / EDC439B / EDC439C / EDC439E / EDC439F / EDC439G* – OR –
  • EDC511A / EDC511B / EDC511C / EDC511D / EDC511E / EDC511F*
  • EDC477 / EDC478 / EDC479*(field based research project)
  • (9 credits)

(*depending upon licensure area)

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