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The School of Education (SOE) offers degree programs at the graduate level for the MEd, CAGS, and EdD degrees. Programs are all aligned to AIC’s Mission “to ensure access, opportunity, and diversity for urban areas and under-represented communities.” The SOE strives to develop highly reflective teachers and administrators who examine personal bias, reject and challenge sociological constructs of oppression and finds ways for every child to achieve and succeed, both academically and socially, without exception. To achieve this goal the SOE works to prepare school personnel who can cultivate transformative change within education-related settings supporting the learners and communities served. As such, faculty, candidates, and graduates of AIC work to be positive agents of social and academic change within classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.

The School of Education offers 14 certification programs leading to licensure. The certification programs include 5 initial licensure programs, 3 professional licensure programs, 1 reading specialist program, 2 support personnel programs and 3 school administration programs. Programs leading to the MEd and CAGS include those designed for both non-licensure and licensure certification purposes. Educator preparation programs offered for the licensure certification of personnel in public schools and districts are all approved by the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) and are specific to Massachusetts. Educator preparation programs offered include those for teachers, counselors, and leaders. The SOE’s non-licensure degrees parallel these programs within given areas of study but with different requirements for the capstone experience. Instead of completing a practicum experience, non-licensure degree students complete a field-based action research project.

Given that all educator preparation licensure programs are approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and designed for preparation of public school personnel, all requirements for the MEd or CAGS degree for licensure certification purposes must be completed in Massachusetts. Graduates of AIC’s educator preparation programs are therefore employed as teachers, counselors, and leaders in schools and districts in Massachusetts. Most graduates obtain licensure in Massachusetts and, once the license is received, some work independently of AIC to obtain a license in other states.

Programs of Study

The School of Education offers master’s, CAGS, doctoral programs, and courses leading to initial and professional licenses. Students may also take classes in a low residency format, allowing a balance of work and life while achieving academic goals. Explore our programs and find the School of Education program and format that is right for you.

Faculty & Staff

Our team is committed towards preparing students to become the new educators and leaders of tomorrow.


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