Sheltered English Immersion (SEI)

As part of the Rethinking Equity in the Teaching of English Language Learners (RETELL) initiative, American International College is offering several different options for Sheltered English Immersion, endorsement, graduate credits and professional development points (PDPs).

Taking an SEI course with an outside institution and purchasing graduate credits through AIC

American International College is offering the opportunity to teachers who are participants in an SEI Endorsement Course, RETELL (FULL), to purchase three (3) Graduate Level credits. This is only for those who are taking the SEI/RETELL course through their district or an Educational Collaborative. The cost is $200 and AIC does not endorse nor give the PDPs. AIC will only transcript the course for the 3 Graduate Level credits.

How to Apply
Accessing Your Grade


Taking the SEI Course through AIC

Eligible candidates may take the SEI course with AIC in one of two affordable options.

  1. For SEI endorsement and professional development points (PDPs) only
  2. For SEI endorsement, PDPs, and 3 graduate level credits
Class Duration & Time Options
Definitions of Successful Completion



If you need further information or have any questions, contact:

Margaret F. Kelliher, School Liaison/Director of Professional Development


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