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Your Chance to Make a Difference:

At its core, this transformative program removes financial obstacles often found along the pathway to a bachelor’s degree while providing experiential learning opportunities (ELOs) that improve prospects for immediate employment upon graduation. The culminating impact and your return on investment is seeing a P3 student walking across the commencement stage with a diploma in hand, a portfolio with professional and marketable skills, and a credit score free from the impact of burdensome debt.

Civic Commitment

civic iconCo-sponsoring businesses demonstrate civic commitment by investing in students to ensure they achieve their goal of attaining a college degree. These students graduate as confident and committed professionals, free of significant financial burden, and with a diploma to proudly display as a return on their investment. Your sponsorship improves the odds of success and forges a pathway of lifelong opportunities. Scholarship sponsors may also qualify for tax benefits while creating this transformative and life-changing pathway for the student.

Regional Benefit

iconThe commitment shown by a P3 sponsor will potentially shape a student’s decision to remain in the region after graduation investing in and contributing to the local economy and community. As AIC and MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board onboard additional businesses partners, the impact of your sponsorship investment will ensure an increase in talent for regional companies, drive regional innovation, accelerate individual company’s business growth, and drive regional economic development and expansion.

Student Impact

iconAffordability and lack of engagement are the two most significant reasons students drop out of higher education. Your sponsorship impacts a student by removing financial barriers to earning a degree, progressively refining professional and social development, and broadening individual career networks. P3 is designed to increase the potential for AIC’s diverse student population to graduate and secure career employment directly out of college.


How it Works: P3 business partners donate to a scholarship fund at AIC. Students are placed at business sites to engage in meaningful ELOs for up to 210 hours each academic semester. The partnering business develops the ELO descriptions and goals under the framework of providing substantive and incremental professional skills and business knowledge for the duration of the student’s pathway.

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