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AIC wants to partner with you to benefit both your company and AIC students. We have opportunities through Off Campus Student Employment, Internships and posting jobs for students and alumni (see below for details). Contact the Saremi Center for Career Development at 413-654-1411 to discuss, Internships, career and company spotlights, classroom talks, career fairs, on-campus interviews, employment pipelines, and more.

Off-Campus Student Employment Program (OCSE)

A DEGREE IS NOT ENOUGH—today’s employers are looking for tomorrow’s employees in students who have prior work experience to lead their organization. The Department of Education is allowing American International College to participate in a program in which students work off-campus for small businesses* in the private sector. The OCSE program offers students the opportunity to build their resume and learn critical workplace skills while providing employers access to affordable labor and a potential talent pipeline.

AIC forwards students’ applications for open positions and employers go through their routine hiring process. Through AIC’s OCSE program, seventy-five percent of a student’s wages are covered by the College’s Title IV funds. The employer only needs to contribute the remaining twenty-five percent.

Hourly rate paid by employers in AIC’S OCSE program:

2022 $3.56 per hour $10.68 per hour
2023 $3.75 per hour $11.25 per hour

Invest in your next generation of employees today. If you are interested then please contact us using the information below.

Off-Campus Student Employment Program
Saremi Center for Career Development

**This opportunity is exclusively for small businesses and non-profit organizations as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Click here to learn more.


Many AIC programs require internships, and students can elect to gain class credit through these opportunities, even in programs where internships are not mandatory. AIC interns must complete 126 hours of work at their internship, and the employer must complete short midterm and final evaluations of the intern. To discuss potential internship opportunities, please contact the Saremi Center for Career Development at 413-654-1411. To post internship opportunities on our student job site, please go to

Posting jobs:

AIC students and alumni use our job site, JobX, to search for full-time and part-time opportunities, as well as internships and work study jobs, both on and off campus. Please go to to post jobs for students and alumni.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for posting jobs at

Click here for a short overview.


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