AIC Virtual Message Tutorial

Faculty and Staff,

We are requesting your assistance in engaging with our students via the recording of a personalized video.

These videos will allow for motivational and inspirational messaging to our students during this difficult time.

Marketing and Communications and Athletics have partnered to create a step-by-step video tutorial hosted by AIC’s Director of Athletic Communications Tom Pool.

If you elect to record a video, we suggest they range in length between 20 to 90 seconds.

Your videos will be shared on AIC’s social media sites as well as on the College’s COVID-19 web page.

Videos can also be directly emailed to students.

Should videos require editing, we will contact you directly and provide suggestions and assistance.

Your support of our students is greatly appreciated.

Video Tutorial

To download the Zoom background image, click here.
To access the AIC videos dropbox, click here.
If after watching the video you still have questions, please see the step by step instructions below.

Creating a virtual message

1) Download the “Campus BG” picture HERE and save it to an easily accessible folder

2) Open Zoom

3) Create a new meeting

4) Join the meeting with computer audio if prompted

5) In the bottom left corner you will see a “^” next to the “Video” button.

6) Click the “^” button and select “Video Settings”

7) Under the “Video” tab, check the box next to “Enable HD” and uncheck “Mirror my video”

8) Click on the “Virtual Background” tab on the left hand side

9) You will see your camera pop up in the setting window. Under that picture window, click on the “+” icon

10) Using the window that pops up select the “Campus BG” photo from your computer

11) Once you select the background, it will show behind you. Once you see the photo behind you, you can “X” out of the setting menu

12) At the bottom of the screen click “Record” followed by clicking on “record to computer” and record your message to the AIC community. If you would like to restart your message you can let the recording continue. Marketing and Communications will edit the video later.

13) Once you are done recording your message, click the stop button at the bottom. Once you hit the stop button you will see a button in the top right hand corner stating that your video will be saved once the meeting is over.

14) Your next step is to “End the meeting”

15) After ending the meeting, Zoom will convert your video. Please note, the longer your recording is, the longer the conversion will take.

16) Once the conversion is done the save destination of your video will pop up. (Most computers are set to record to My Documents > Zoom > Date Your account name (ex. 2020-04-01 Thomas.pool’s personal meeting room)

17) Click HERE to upload your video to the AIC Dropbox account.

18) Click on the “Choose from computer” button and select your video file OR drag the video from the window that popped up in step 16 and release it in the Dropbox window.

19) Once the file has completed the upload, you and close the window and your video will be sent to Marketing and Communications

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