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The mission of American International College is to prepare students for personal fulfillment, professional achievement and civic engagement through educational experiences that transform lives.

Academic programs founded on the knowledge, skills, and values of the liberal arts engage students in theory and emphasize applied learning, while preparing them for the challenges and opportunities presented in the global environment.

Committed to the intrinsic worth of each individual, AIC prepares students for life!

The Educational Philosophy

Building on its mission, the College believes that its primary function is to engage students in the enterprise of learning. The curriculum has been designed to serve this function; all other activities, including co-curricular and athletic programs, are consistent with this primary function.

The College is dedicated to the belief that the liberal arts provide the best foundation for lifelong intellectual growth and informed career and professional education. The institutional mission centers on the intellectual, social and professional preparation of each student. The college community is committed to nurturing in each individual an awareness of intrinsic worth, a concern for other individuals, an international perspective and a dedication and sense of responsibility to the private and public sectors of our society.

An important element of this commitment is communicating—by means of a core of required courses—an understanding of the American cultural heritage and an awareness of the social and ethical issues of our times. The expected outcomes of the general education program are to think logically, compute accurately, communicate effectively and act creatively. In addition, the curriculum of each of the College’s schools incorporates coursework as well as practica or internships designed to cultivate depth of understanding in a particular discipline. Thus, our students achieve the competencies necessary both for admission to and successful performance in graduate and professional schools, or immediate entry into a career or professional field of their choice.

In pursuing its goals, the College attempts, through efficient management and wise use of resources, to deliver these services affordably and in an atmosphere that reflects a sense of community, identity and purpose among faculty, staff and students.


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