Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

American International College provides access to a holistic education in an inclusive environment that propels a diverse community of learners to personal growth and professional success.

Vision Statement

American International College will be a New England college of choice for students seeking a sense of belonging, innovative education, and profound student experiences.

2022: Renewed Mission and Vision

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), along with the practices of the AIC Board of Trustees, decree that the College periodically evaluate the content and pertinence of its mission and purposes, ensuring they are current and provide overall direction in planning, evaluation, and resource allocation. Because the mission defines and guides the institution in its work, it was critical that the College revisit the mission statement for current relevance. As part of AIC’s dynamic strategic planning process, faculty, staff, and administrators, representing all functional areas of the College, met to reflect on AIC’s current mission statement, generate an aspirational vision and formulate strategic initiatives, responsive to the fundamental pillars presented by President Benitez. To prepare for this important work, the constituents reviewed the College’s financial position, examined higher education trends that are impacting colleges and universities, including AIC, and analyzed the results of a survey disseminated to the campus community, which focused on identifying AIC’s strengths and areas of opportunity. 

Common themes and findings from the initial survey included AIC’s diverse student body, the commitment of AIC’s staff and faculty, strong health sciences academic programs, strong athletics programs, and the College’s focus on diversity, access, and opportunity. This strategic visioning and planning exercise resulted in newly proposed mission and vision statements for the College, and the affirmation of AIC’s core values.


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