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Putting your education to work

At AIC, we’re concerned with more than your time on campus — we ensure you’re prepared for life off of it too.

The Saremi Center for Career Development has an extensive list of full-time, part-time, summer and internship opportunities through our job database. You can also prep for interviews and take various personality and leadership assessments to match your skills with job titles. Check out all that we have to offer:

Work Study
Resume and Cover Letter
Mock Interviews
Majors Fair/Testing/Counseling
Career/Job Fairs
Career Planning

Career Resources.

Start thinking about your career. See how much you might earn with our salary calculator, learn more about different industries of interest to you, discover which schools specialize in specific career paths or visit the Saremi Center for Career Development

Check out the Beeline.

The Saremi Center maintains a job/internship database for its students. To see a list of current job postings, just click on the link above.

Submit jobs, internships, or other opportunities.

To submit jobs, internships, and other opportunities to the Beeline, please fill out the following contact form below. We will get back to you with further information as soon as we can.

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