Title IX Policy

American International College is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students and to maintaining an environment that encourages mutual respect.

The College prohibits discrimination against any student or applicant for enrollment because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status (special disabled veterans, disabled veterans and Vietnam-era veterans), or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

There are several different forms of discrimination. Accordingly, the College prohibits discriminatory conduct or any kind, including unequal treatment, harassment (including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct), and retaliation.

Sexual misconduct of any form is a serious violation of College and community standards and it will not be tolerated at the College. This purpose of this policy is to promote and maintain an environment free of sexual misconduct by educating the community, vigorously investigating reports of sexual misconduct in a manner that is prompt and sensitive to the needs and rights of the victim and the accused, and taking steps to prevent recurrence and correct any discriminatory effects. This policy and procedure are the College’s grievance procedure required by Title IX and apply to complaints filed by students or on their behalf alleging sexual misconduct carried out by employees, other students or third parties.

Sexual misconduct endangers an environment of mutual respect and is considered an act of aggression and coercion, not an expression of sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy requires effective consent. The College is committed to maintaining an environment free of sexual violence and in which the freedom to make individual choices regarding sexual behavior is respected by all. Sexual misconduct, as defined by this policy, includes a broad range of behavior including inappropriate physical touching, sexual exploitation, and sexual intercourse without consent, as well as other forms of sexual violence including sexual assault. Sexual misconduct is a form of sex discrimination and may also be a crime.

Sexual misconduct by anyone associated with the College is unacceptable and will be addressed in a timely fashion and with serious consequences by the College.

Report a Potential Title IX Incident

Click the link below to access the Sexual Discrimination & Misconduct Reporting Form. Use this form to report any potential Title IX incidents.

Report a Potential Title IX Incident

AIC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy

AIC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy can be accessed here:

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Title IX Contact Information

Complaints against employees or students:

Matthew Scott, Title IX Coordinator
Campus Center, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109


Complaints against employees or students:

Nicolle Cestero, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Adams Hall, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109


Complaints against students:

Alex Cross, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
Campus Center, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109


Complaints against employees:

Millie Lopez-Cook, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees
Lee Hall, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109


AIC Confidential Resource Provider

Milly Velazquez, Office Manager/Medical Assistant
Dexter Health Services, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109


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