Vaccine Requirement

(Modified 4/20/22) Vaccination is the leading prevention strategy to protect individuals against COVID-19 and end the pandemic. The CDC has determined the vaccines authorized for use in the United States are both safe and effective. In an effort to lower each person’s risk of getting the virus, and to help protect the community, AIC requires all employees and all undergraduate and graduate students who will come to campus for any in-person classes or work to be vaccinated and receive a booster dose (when eligible) for the 2021-2022 academic year.

New students must provide proof that they have received the final dose of their vaccine (2nd dose of a 2-dose vaccine or the only dose of a 1-dose vaccine) prior to returning to campus or attending classes.

All students (new and returning) and all employees must provide proof that they have received their booster dose by February 1, 2022 if eligible or within two-weeks of becoming eligible if it occurs after 2/1/22. The chart below outlines when someone is eligible for their booster dose after they receive the final dose of their primary vaccine:

Primary COVID-19 vaccine type you


When to get a booster dose: Which booster can you get:
Moderna 5 months after final dose of primary vaccine CDC recommends Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna (mRNA COVID-19 vaccines) in most situations.
Pfizer 5 months after final dose of primary vaccine
Johnson & Johnson 2 months after primary vaccine

Students enrolled in fully online or remote programs are not required to provide proof of vaccination to attend online courses but are required to do so if they have required in-person coursework.

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