Speech Language Pathology Assistant

What is a SLPA?

Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPA) work under the direction and supervision of speech language pathologists and assist in the execution of a speech and language program and complete a number of tasks including assisting with screenings, assessments, and implementation of treatment plans as directed by the speech language pathologist. Successful completion of the 18 credits of coursework described below enables students to work as an SLPA in the State of Massachusetts. This set of courses, which is equivalent to a minor may be completed as part of a number of majors offered at American International College (AIC).

Program is 18 credits; 6 core courses.

Required Core Courses

SLP1010: Human Communication and Disorders
SLP1050: Multicultural Issues in Language
SLP2010: Normal Speech and Language Development
SLP3010: Speech-Language Disorders in the Educational Setting
SLP3050: Clinical Methods
SLP3099: Practicum

Course Descriptions

This course provides an introduction to the field of communication sciences and disorders including language, speech, and hearing. Normal development and basic anatomy relevant to each of these areas will be discussed along with an overview of disorders of speech, language and hearing. Additional topics related to scope and practice of the profession, assessment overview, therapy overview, augmentative/alternative communication, sign language, etc. will be discussed.

This course provides an introduction to culture and awareness of the diversity among cultures within our own society. Definitions of race, culture, and ethnicity are discussed as well as the various cultures found within the United States. The history of immigration and the impact on the United States will be explored. In addition, communication and basic language development between English and non-English speaking cultures will be addressed.

This course focuses on the acquisition of speech and language in children and the continued development of language over the life span and will include the biological basis of language, models of language development, and the structure of language systems.

Study of the implications of a broad range of speech and language disorders on learning and academic performance, which will include language processes that are related to literacy acquisition. Assessment and service delivery models in the educational setting will also be addressed.

This course presents an introduction to clinical issues in providing services to persons with communication impairments. Case management, documentation, assessment, and therapy principles as well as professional responsibilities and ethics are addressed.

This practicum allows the student to apply concepts and theories learned in previous classes via observation of assessment and therapy sessions in a variety of educational and clinical settings. Where permissible and practical, students will have the ability to participate in supervised speech, language and hearing interventions.

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