Happy New Year to you and your family! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season as it is the most wonderful time of the year—to some! We prefer the start of our traditional season and our annual spring trip to Florida. As we close out these holidays, it is important to spend some time thinking about the things we are most thankful for. Easily at the top of our list are all the friends, family, and alumni that make our student-athlete experience the best it can be.

Traditionally, to begin every season, we fly down to the West Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton area and play an intense schedule comprising schools from the Sunshine State Conference and other Northeast region schools making their own trips south. In addition to a demanding schedule of 11 games in 8 days, we also plan team, family, and alumni activities such as team dinners at Talia’s, laser tag, games at the beach, and alumni receptions.

On average, the trip costs $40,000 to $45,000. In order to cover the cost of airline tickets, hotel rooms, meals, buses, vans, field rentals, umpires, equipment, team activities, and other miscellaneous expenses, each player is required to contribute $1,200. We rely on the support of our family, friends, and fans to make this trip a reality. As you begin your new year, we hope you will also help us get our season off to a great start by helping a player reach their $1,200 goal. Your support is critical and will have a major impact on our team and the 2020 season.

Please consider showing your higher dedication to AIC baseball by being one of the reasons all of this is possible. Whether it is helping to send a player to Florida or helping us continue to improve our field, your donation can change our program. We can’t do this without you. Please feel free to reach out to Coach Callini for more information about our spring trip, field improvements, or how you can leave your mark on the AIC Yellow Jackets field. Thank you in advance for your support! See you in the stands!

To donate, please fill out the form below.

Many Thanks,
The AIC Baseball Players and Staff

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