Graduate Studies

The School of Business, Arts & Sciences at American International College offers graduate degree and certificate programs which provide students paths toward professional development and career enhancement.

Graduate Degree Programs

AIC’s graduate degree programs are designed by professionals for professionals. You will be able to increase your earning potential, advance your career, and make an impact in your chosen field. And you will share in classroom experiences with peers in your career path allowing you to network and exchange other experiences from within your industry. Learn more about our graduate degree programs:

Business Administration (MBA)

Cannabis Science and Commerce (MS)

Clinical Psychology (MA)

Counseling Psychology (MA)

Educational Psychology (EdD)

Forensic Psychology (MS)

General Psychology (MA) 

Mental Health Counseling (EdD)


Graduate Certificate Programs

AIC offers three focused certificate programs in Resort and Casino Management, General Psychology, and Management.

Learn more about our Graduate Certificate programs.

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