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Honors Program

The AIC Honors Program provides outstanding students from all majors with an intellectually enhanced learning experience. Students in the program take a variety of special classes that fulfill requirements under AIC’s general education curriculum. In particular, they participate in several honors seminars. During their senior year, they write an honors thesis on a subject of their choice. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive the distinction “Honors Scholar” on their diploma and permanent academic record.


One of the Honors Program’s goals is to foster a community of dedicated student learners and scholars. It sponsors special activities for participants like social events and field trips. It also tries to promote cultural and academic life for the entire campus, for example, by bringing in guest speakers.

Becoming a Member

There are several ways that students can become part of the Honors Program. Qualified incoming freshmen will be asked to participate in HON1104 and then formally invited to join the program itself at the start of their second semester. Current AIC students who have earned a 3.3 GPA or better and who have not yet started their junior year may be nominated by a faculty member and admitted with the Honor’s Programs Director’s approval. Finally, transfer students who have earned a 3.5 GPA or better at their previous institution may apply to the Director for admission. Students must maintain a 3.3 GPA at AIC each semester (dean’s list) to remain in the program.

Program Curriculum

Course Number Course Title
ENG1601 Advanced First-Year Composition
ENG1602 Advanced First-Year Composition and Literature
ENG (see below) ENG Honors Literature
HON1104 First Semester Honors Seminar
HON2210 Honors Seminar in the Field of “Cultural Awareness”
HON2220 Honors Seminar in the Field of “Social Awareness”
HON4601 Honors Thesis Preparation
HON4899 Honors Thesis

HON2210 and HON2220 normally are taken during the sophomore or junior years. The topic for each will alternate from semester to semester. Students in the program may take additional Honors Seminars as free electives.

ENG Honors Literature
This course may be taken after completion of ENG1601 and ENG1602. ENG Honors Literature courses currently include ENG3400 (Major American Authors), ENG3450 (Environmental Literature) and ENG3800 (Shakespeare).

HON4601 Honors Thesis Preparation
This course normally is taken in the fall semester of senior year. Undergraduate occupational therapy and physical therapy students will take this course in the fall semester of junior year.

HON4899 Honors Thesis
This course normally is taken in the spring semester of senior year. Undergraduate occupational therapy and physical therapy students will take this course in the spring semester of junior year.All of the courses in the Honors Program curriculum meet AIC’s general education requirements except for HON4601 and HON4899. Students in the program must fulfill their remaining non-honors general education requirements in order to graduate.With the permission of their department chair(s) and the Honors Program Director, students may combine HON4601 and HON4899 with the senior capstone projects or thesis within their majors.
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