Micro-Emerging Markets

Cannabis Certificate Program

The Micro-Emerging Markets: Cannabis Certificate Program at American International College offers a wide-reaching introduction to the legal cannabis industry and its impact on the global marketplace. Through this three-course, stand-alone certificate program, students will examine the emerging multibillion-dollar industry through entrepreneurial, commercial, legal, and ethical lenses.

Gain experience in the growing field of cannabis studies and insight into an industry that:

  • directly employs 211,000 people nationally
  • saw its jobs increase by 44% in 2018
  • is projected to increase by 20% this year

This program offers a stand-alone certificate for non-matriculated students. Both non-matriculated and full-time AIC students will also be able to take these courses individually.

Certificate Program Requirements

  • MEM2000: Cannabis Entrepreneurship
  • MEM2010: Cannabis Business Operations
  • MEM2020: Law and Ethics of Cannabis

Course Descriptions

As an emerging multibillion-dollar industry, cannabis presents a myriad of marketing opportunities. In this course, students will examine customer groups, products, and services in the recreational market. The effect of price, quality, and competitors (i.e. illegal market) will be considered in how to compete effectively in the marketing. Students will be presented basic information on the key components of the Cannabis industry—legal, business models, capital/finance, and marketing—which will be explored through the marketing and entrepreneurship lens.

In this course, students will analyze the evolving cannabis marketplace and investigate the complexities and challenges of this sector. The course will conduct an in-depth examination of key components of different business types, how the sector is evolving, key roles of production, testing, retail, and security. Considerable time will be spent examining the many entry points into the cannabis industry and focus on starting and operating a cannabis business. In addition, financial constraints and investments will be introduced as well as strategic marketing in the industry.

Legislation of cannabis will be examined. Students will learn to locate, understand, and analyze legislation. Discussion will be around the legal and ethical implications of cannabis use, legalization, criminal activity and marketing. Perspectives of law enforcement, business owners, and recreational users will be explored.

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