Fashion Design and Merchandizing

The minor in Fashion Design and Merchandising will prepare students to conceptualize, design, curate, market and sell fashion items. Courses in Fashion Design and Construction, Fashion History, and Marketing will prepare students to develop their own fashion line that will be presented as part of their Fashion Show Capstone Course. This minor is complementary to any undergraduate major.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conceptualize and design fashion
  • Exhibit skill in sewing and technical creation
  • Brand and distribute fashion
  • Curate presentations of fashion
  • Communicate effectively


What You’ll Learn

Gain insights into the fashion process from conceptualization and market research to design and implementation.

Real-World Experience

Develop your own fashion line that will be presented as part of the Fashion Show Capstone Course.

Career Opportunities

Explore future careers in the creation, marketing, merchandising, and development of fashion brands.

Minor Requirements 21 credits

  • FDM 1250 Fashion Design I- Concept to Creation (3)
  • FDM 1400 Fashion History and Culture (3)
  • FDM 2250 Fashion Design II- Techniques (3)
  • MKT 2610 Distribution Strategies (3)
  • MKT 2700 Brand and Price Strategies (3)
  • MKT 3510 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity (3)
  • FDM 3650 Fashion Show Capstone- (3)

All Courses

This course will introduce students to the principles and elements of Fashion Design. The process of concept development, research, sketching and design will be covered as well as basic pattern making, hand and machine stitching and fabric navigation. This course will culminate in a final design project and will include one full garment completed for grading. PREREQUISITE: None

Fashion has always reflected the times. The story of every human being in every culture of all identities has been reflected by the clothes we wear. In this course we will study how fashion has been used to promote propaganda as well as assimilation and individualism. We will discuss the role fashion plays in our society as a key element to the world economy. The relationship between fashion and multi-media will also be discussed and will lead to a major group project breaking down unattainable standards of beauty. PREREQUISITE: None

Students in this course will learn advanced design and construction techniques in the process of garment creation. Machine Stitching, pattern making, beading and trim techniques, Dyeing and color change, accessory design will be covered. Designs will be assessed constructively and will lead to a final design concept that will include statements of artistic vision and budget.


Store organization, operation, and control, including location, equipment, layout, buying, markup, and merchandising techniques are examined. Minor emphasis will be placed on management problems in areas of pricing, selling and promotion, personnel, credit, and inventory control. Integrated distribution strategies, the internet and social media will be examined.

Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. Students will learn how to position brands and to create differences in the marketplace. Analysis of the market, competition, technology, and cultural changes are fully examined.

An overview of the entrepreneurship process starting with the individual, the creativity process, the entrepreneurial idea/concept, and feasibility analysis, and concluding with the business plan. Field trip(s) and guest speakers (e. g., alumni and faculty) appropriate to venture startup and infancy are incorporated. Topics include forms of business organization, patent/copyright laws, management, finance, store layout, employee theft, and franchising.

This course offers students to opportunity to work over the course of the entire semester to conceptualize, design, source, build and showcase an independent line of clothing. Students will market and curate a fashion show at the end of the semester in which this course is offered that will be open to the public and will offer students the opportunity to sell their work. PREREQUISITE: FDM 1250, FDM 2250

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