Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

At AIC’s Marketing program, you can choose to major in either Marketing or Marketing Communications.

Either way, you will learn the fundamentals of marketing, both in theory and practice. From communications and planning to market analysis and technology utilization, our students master the concepts and ideas that drive today’s complex marketing world.

The Marketing program prepares students for careers in a variety of capacities, including:

  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Consumer relations
  • Public relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Social media

Learning Outcomes for Marketing
The following are learning outcomes for successful completion of the marketing major. Students will be able to:

  • Discuss the business contents appropriate to their degree
  • Discuss the global dimensions of business
  • Evaluate the legal and social environment of business
  • Utilize quantitative methods to make better financial decisions
  • Formulate plans using integrated business concepts
  • Create coherent written forms of communication
  • Present oral communications in a professional manner
  • Evaluate social responsibility issues in business contexts
  • Interact professionally as members of teams

The School of Business, Arts & Sciences at American International College have received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation  Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas.

School of Business Administration Accreditation Status

Report of Outcomes Assessment Results

To see a report of student learning and program assessment please view the International Accreditation Council for Business Education’s Interim Quality Assurance Report.

Graduation Rates

Please view this report to see graduation rates for this program.

Want to understand what motivates people to buy certain products, watch certain TV shows, or vote for certain politicians? AIC’s Marketing major reveals the strategies that make businesses thrive.

—Dr. Susanne Swanker, PhD Dean of the School of Business, Arts & Sciences

In the classroom. In the workforce.

What You’ll Learn

This program provides a wide range of coursework in not only business and sales, but also strategy, psychology, and technology.

Future Studies

The major focuses on improving the communication, decision-making and technology- utilization skills that will prepare you 
for careers in sales, advertising, business development, and consumer relations.

Career Opportunities

A graduate is prepared to work in a variety of business settings, including industrial and consumer sales, market research, service marketing, product management, and media and consumer relations

Common Professional Component

All School of Business Administration students must fulfill general education requirements. All School of Business students must take the following introductory business courses:

  • ACC1201: Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC1601: Principles of Accounting II
  • BUS1407: Business Communications
  • BUS3000: Business Law
  • ECO1401: Macroeconomics (General Education Requirement)
  • ECO1402: Microeconomics (General Education Requirement)
  • FIN2003: Managerial Finance
  • IBS1400: Introduction to International Business
  • MAT1250: Finite Mathematics I
  • MAT1430: Foundations of Statistics
  • MGT1400: Principles of Management
  • MGT4800: Senior Policy Seminar
  • MIS1210: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • MIS1220: Applications of Microcomputers
  • MKT1450: Principles of Marketing I
  • MGT4800: Senior Policy Seminar

Major Requirements

  • MKT2600: Consumer Behavior
  • MKT2610: Distribution Strategies
  • MKT2700: Brand and Price Strategies
  • MKT2710: Marketing Communication Strategies
  • MKT4810: Strategic Marketing
  • MKT4899: Internship

Plus 21 credits of any 3000-level marketing course or other electives approved by the marketing department.

Minor Requirements

  • MKT1450 Principles of Marketing I

Choose two of the following courses:

    • MKT2600 Consumer Behavior
    • MKT2610 Distribution Strategies
    • MKT2700 Brand and Price Strategies
    • MKT2710 Marketing Communication Strategies
    • MKT4810 Strategic Marketing

Choose three of the following courses:

  • MKT2600 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT2610 Distribution Strategies
  • MKT2700 Brand and Price Strategies
  • MKT2710 Marketing Communication Strategies
  • MKT3400 Professional Sales Development
  • MKT3500 Advertising
  • MKT3510 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity
  • MKT3550 Entrepreneurship Management
  • MKT3600 Marketing Research
  • MKT3620 Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • MKT4694 Directed Study
  • MKT4810 Strategic Marketing
  • BUS4899 Internship
  • HCM2620 Healthcare Marketing
  • IBS3410 International Marketing
  • SRM3210 Sports Marketing
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