Human Services (BSHS)

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services is designed to prepare you for professional positions in the broad career area known as "Human Services." While this area frequently refers to mental health programs, it also includes work in area such as youth counseling, community services for special needs populations, transitional assistance services, health care gerontology, and many other areas of people services.

Requirements provide you with a foundation in the Arts and Sciences and then build on that with courses in Human Resource Development, Psychology, and Sociology. You can major in Administration, Gerontology, or Holistic Health Studies. If you are a registered nurse who graduated from a diploma program, there is a separate program for you which awards 75 transfer credits for the diploma and your nursing license.

Administration (BSHS)

This major prepares you for work in a variety of human service agencies and organizations. Business courses support the management or administrative side of the human service function.

We recommend that you use electives to develop a second area of concentration related to your individual goals. Possible second concentrations include, but are not limited to, fields such as Gerontology, Education, Management, Sociology, and Spanish.


There are two Bachelor of Science in Human Services Programs of Study designed for Registered Nurses who have earned a diploma from a hospital nursing program or an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from a community college. Concentrations in Administration and Gerontology are offered. For each of these programs, seventy-five credits are awarded for the completion of the Nursing Education Program and earned Registered Nurse Licensure. All students in the RN to BSHS programs are required to complete 45 credits at the College.

Gerontology (BSHS)

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services is conferred upon students who have satisfactorily completed a minimum of 120 semester hours of academic work. Students develop a foundation in the liberal arts, then build on that with courses in human relations, psychology and sociology. The Gerontology major prepares students for work with the 50+ population served by retirement centers, social service agencies, government agencies, nursing homes, and corporations. The program has a strong focus on aging as a developmental stage rather than as an illness.

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