Tutoring Program FAQ

Q: When should I seek a tutor?

A: You should seek a tutor when you need help understanding concepts, course content, need help with homework assignments, preparing for the big exam or when you just feel “overwhelmed” with your class. Tutors can help you improve your study and note taking skills as well. We have hundreds of students seeking tutoring services every year. Be Smart About Your Education! If you need help, come visit the Tutoring center in the lower level of the Shea Library.

Q: What should I expect during my tutoring session?

A: Tutors will explain important concepts, review your notes with you and help you understand how to come up with solutions on your own. You will probably find it easier to learn supplemental course material from a peer tutor rather than your teacher as the environment is very relaxed as you learn at your own pace.

Q: What should I bring to my tutoring session?

A: Bring your textbook, class notes, syllabus, past tests/quizzes, calculators if needed. Anything you might need to reference during your session.

Q: What types of tutoring services are available at American International College?

A: AIC offers one-on-one tutoring by appointment, drop-in hours daily (courses vary daily) and group tutoring. Click on the link to view the drop-in hours schedule.

Q: What if I dislike my tutor?

A: Not all personalities and learning styles mesh. We want you to feel comfortable with your tutor so that you receive optimum assistance with your academic studies. If you feel you cannot continue with your current tutor come speak to the Director so a change can be recommended as soon as possible.

Q: Should I use the tutoring program rather than seek help from my professor?

A: Absolutely not! Instructors are always your best resource for course content. However, sometimes supplemental instruction is needed when a teacher is not available.

Q: Can I become a peer tutor?

A: Many of our AIC students are eligible to become peer tutors. You must have certain qualities such as patience, enthusiasm, excellent communication skills, be reliable and have academic excellence in the course you wish to tutor. See the Tutoring Director for more details.

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