Early College Program FAQ

What is Early College?

The Early College Program affords area high school students the opportunity to attend AIC college level courses and earn credit. Students interested in this program should consult the appropriate office on their high school campus for permission and registration forms.

Who can participate?

In general, any high school junior or senior in the South Hadley, Springfield, and Westfield School Districts can apply through their guidance office for acceptance to this program.

Will I earn College credit?

Yes. All coursework taken at AIC will be recorded on an official academic record (transcript) that may be used in evaluation of your college acceptance at AIC or another accredited institution.

Will my parents/school see my grades?

Yes. As part of entering this program, you agree to allow AIC to send your final transcript back to your high school and parents.

How many classes can a student take?

At this time, students are limited to one course per AIC semester. This is potentially up to four college level classes before you even start college!

What classes are available?

The guidance office in your school has a listing of the courses available each term; all courses are considered “general education” or introductions to college major areas, such as Criminal Justice or Business, in the sense that they’re the basic coursework most college students must take when fulfilling their degree requirements. The subject areas range from the sciences to math to even theater!

When are classes held?

Classes are held during the day according to the AIC master schedule. You’ll be in classes with other college students – this affords you the opportunity to gain the college experience early. Please note, classes at AIC may be held when your school is closed – If AIC is open, you’ll be in class here even if your high school is off for the day.

Follow the link below to view AIC’s full academic calendar. Make sure to follow the Traditional Schedule option.

Academic Calendar

Also, pay attention to the course syllabus you’re given at the beginning of the semester from your professor. The professor will detail exact days and times and what’s expected of each student. Early College students will be evaluated like any other student in the course.

Are placement tests required?

In certain mathematics courses, yes.

What is the cost?

There is no tuition cost to the student; however, any books, course materials, etc., must be purchased by the student. A detailed list of what’s required in the course can be obtained from the professor on the first day of class, or you may visit the AIC bookstore. The AIC bookstore staff knows what is required from each course and are happy to help! They are located on the first floor of the Schwartz Campus Center. For more information visit the bookstore online page.

Is there transportation?

Transportation to and from the AIC campus in Springfield must be arranged by the student.

Can I use AIC’s other facilities?

Students in the Early College program who are attending classes are welcome in our library, gym, fitness center and dining facilitates. Please note use of services in these areas may incur cost to you for use/access.

You will also be assigned an academic advisor here at AIC who can help you with navigating academics.

Will I get an AIC ID?

Yes. You will be issued an AIC ID which will grant you access to our facilities and classrooms. You will also be given access to our portal at my.aic.edu and issued an AIC email address.

Will there be an Orientation?

Yes! Parents/Guardians, school personnel and students will be invited to campus to meet AIC faculty/staff, tour some of our facilities and have all of your questions answered regarding the program.

Where can I find more information?

For general questions or specifics about the Early College Program, please see the liaison in your school. If you’d like more help, please feel free to call the AIC Registrar’s office at 413-205-3212 or email us at registrar@aic.edu. We’re open M-F 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

I really enjoyed my time at AIC, can I apply to study here?

Absolutely! We’d love to have you join the AIC family – and encourage you to apply. Admission to the College, however, has some requirements which you must satisfy (even if you are in this program). For more information, please contact Undergraduate Admissions – they welcome an opportunity to discuss AIC and your future with us – and beyond!


Undergraduate Admissions



If I apply to AIC, will any of these classes count toward my degree? What about to another college/university?

Yes. We have structured the available classes such that if you apply and are accepted here, these courses will fit into whatever major you choose. You will not be “wasting” credit in this program. If you apply and are accepted at another college, however, that college/university will decide what and how many credits it will accept toward your program there.


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