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Q: How do I change my current mailing address and phone number?

A: Students, faculty and staff can change their current mailing address by visiting the Registrar’s Office and completing the proper form.

Q: How do I find my GPA?

A: AIC is no longer using CAMS to track grades, but instead using a system called Jenzabar. To learn how to access grades through Jenzabar, see the following My Academic Info FAQ located on myAIC. This will answer any questions you have regarding accessing your grades.

Q: How do I change/declare a major?

A: You must complete a Change of Major form and have the Dean of the academic department approve your change. Submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office. The form may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office or download it here.

Q: What do I have to do to notify AIC that I intend to graduate?

A: You must fill out an Application for Degree or Certificate form, preferably when you register for your last semester’s classes. The submission of this form will alert us to audit your progress and to prepare a diploma for you. You must file an application even if you do not wish to participate in the Commencement Exercises.

Your graduation and diploma are not “automatic.” The form may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office, or download it from the Forms page.


Q: What is an official transcript?

A: A transcript is a comprehensive record of an individual’s academic progress, including transferred undergraduate courses, credit earned by examination, and degrees awarded. Your name will appear on your transcript as it appears on your college record. Official transcripts include the AIC seal and the signature of the registrar. AIC transcripts are printed on security paper that includes tests for authenticity. When mailed, transcripts arrive in sealed envelopes with seal and signature of the registrar across the back flap of the envelope.

Q: What will prevent the issuing of transcripts?

A: The following items will prevent the issuing of transcripts:

  • Financial holds
  • No signature on request
  • Insufficient, inaccurate, or illegible identification information
  • Insufficient payment, an expired or declined credit card account, improperly completed check, payment using non-U.S. currency
  • No recipient address provided for a request

Q: How do I order transcripts?

A: You must complete a Request for Official Transcript form. The form may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office, or download it from the Forms page.

Verification of Enrollment

Q: How can I obtain verification of my enrollment?

A: A free, official Enrollment Verification Certificate may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office. You can also download it from the Forms page.

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