Program requirements

Common Professional Component

All School of Business Administration students must fulfill general education requirements. All School of Business students must take the following introductory business courses:

  • ACC1201: Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC1601: Principles of Accounting II
  • BUS1407: Business communications
  • ECO1401: Principles of Economics I
  • ECO1402: Principles of Economics II
  • FIN2003: Managerial Finance
  • IBS1400: Introduction to International Business
  • LAW300: Business Law: Contracts and Agency
  • MAT1250: Finite Mathematics I
  • MAT1430: Foundations of Statistics
  • MGT1400: Principles of Management
  • MGT4800: Senior Policy Seminar
  • MKT1450: Principles of Marketing
  • MIS1210: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • MIS1220: Applications of Microcomputers

Major Requirements

  • Finance elective
  • IBS1420: Diverse Cultures of the World
  • IBS3400: International Economics
  • IBS3410: International Marketing
  • IBS3620: Management of Import/Export Business
  • IBS3820: Global Supply Chain and International Business Negotiations
  • IBS2650: International Human Resources Management

    Select two of the following courses:

  • IBS4430: International Organization and Administration
  • IBS4889: International Business Capstone Course
  • IBS4899: International Business Internship

    Select one of the following courses:

  • MGT3201: Business and Society
  • MGT3202: Leadership

2 courses of a foreign language; two upper level courses

Electives: 9 Credits

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