Academic challenges do not define you.

At SLS, I promise that you will get the help and guidance that you need and deserve to be the best student you can be.” – Jacqueline L., Class of ‘19


At Supportive Learning Services (SLS), we understand that families play a vital role in helping students overcome academic challenges. We encourage families to be as involved as possible with their student’s education and to be confident that SLS will provide proactive support assistance with independent academic skills, tutoring, and personal encouragement throughout their student’s college career.


Supportive Learning Services (SLS) offers the one-to-one support and encouragement students need to succeed in higher education. While specialists work with students to set the agenda for their sessions, SLS best serves students who can engage in a collaborative process to set and take action towards their goals, and who are committed to using individualized support to become more effective learners. SLS provides more concentrated academic support to students needing it, including professional tutoring, academic skills workshops, and providing quiet study spaces.

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For over forty years, SLS has worked to give students the tools they need to overcome barriers and struggles related to academic performance. Learning Specialists have expertise with learning-based challenges, though a diagnosed learning disability is not required to enroll for SLS services. Students seeking academic or physical accommodations should visit the Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations (CASAA). Please note the differences below:

Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations (CASAA) Supportive Learning Services
Upon application and approval, provides academic and physical accommodations to students who self-disclose accessibility challenges. Some examples of academic accommodations include, but are not limited to, specialty software, classroom relocation, extended exam time, or exam readers. Provides professional tutoring services to students with or without diagnosed learning challenges. Services include content-based tutoring, study skills, organization, and time management.
Documentation required Documentation encouraged when applicable
Federally mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Academic Support Program
Free Low-cost service, billed to student
Employs an accessibility specialist who reviews and assesses requests. Also employs testing proctors with special education background to monitor exams. Employs learning specialists to work directly with students one-on-one.
Academic Support

Academic Support

As part of the American International College campus SLS values AIC’s students’ individual strengths above all things and truly believe they can achieve their dreams if given the right tools.

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Services and Pricing

Supporting Learning Services is available to all students in both comprehensive and hourly block plans.

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