THR205 - Theater Workshop II

Theater Workshop II is the second of three courses under the theater workshop designation. This course is an intermediate course and is meant for students who have taken Theater Workshop I. Students can assume a larger role in the production in terms of the hierarchy of theatrical production. Students can work as an actor, technician, asst. stage manager, publicity director, asst. costumer, asst. lighting designer or light board operator, props master, or dramaturg (theatrical researcher). Students will be expected to lead by example for the students involved in Theater Workshop I and will develop work that is reflective of their level of understanding of the subject and their professional title. In addition to other assigned work each student will write a formal evaluation of their work at the end of the semester. Students can take this course for 1, 2, or 3 credits depending on their credit load that semester. Each students work hours in the course will correlate with the credit(s) they are taking. This course can be taken multiple times up to six for credit as theater majors must take it twice as a major requirement.


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