Degree Requirements

This 48 credit program prepares practitioners with advanced professional competencies as well as the ability to integrate knowledge and apply professional skills across domains. This degree combines 30 credits of required coursework with another 30 credits selected from a comprehensive list of electives allowing for a self-designed program of study. This degree culminates with a thesis.

Required Core Courses

Delivered On-line (12 Credits)

  • ENG5570: Creative Writing in the Social Realm
  • ENG5580: Writing Shared with Others
  • ENG5590: Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing

Delivered as Tutorial (16 credits)

  • ENG6809: Applied Field Experience
  • ENG6819: Final Professional Presentation
  • ENG6829: Creative Thesis and Portfolio I
  • ENG6839: Creative Thesis and Portfolio II

Concentration Courses

Creative Non-fiction (20 credits)

  • ENG6600: Creative Nonfiction Writing (4 cr)
  • ENG6610: Form and Theory of Creative Nonfiction Writing (4 cr)
  • ENG6620: The Craft of Creative Nonfiction (4cr)
  • ENG6630: Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing: Exploring Genres (4cr)
  • ENG6640: Writing the Truth: Becoming a Nonfiction Author (4 cr)

Fiction: Writing Fiction for Adults (20 Credits)

  • ENG6650: Writing Fiction: From Short Stories to Novels (4 cr)
  • ENG6660: Form and Theory of Fiction Writing (4 cr)
  • ENG6670: The Craft of the Novel (4cr)
  • ENG6680: Advanced Fiction Writing: Exploring Genres (4cr)
  • ENG6690: Becoming the Writer: Authority and Ownership (4 cr)

Fiction: Writing Fiction for Children (20 credits)

  • ENG6700: Writing for Children (4 cr)
  • ENG6710: Form and Theory of Writing for Children (4 cr)
  • ENG6720: From Picture Books to Stories (4cr)
  • ENG6730: Advanced Writing for Children: Exploring Genres (4cr)
  • ENG6740: Children's Development and Family Literacy (4 cr)
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