Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

This 60 credit program prepares practitioners with advanced professional competencies as well as the ability to integrate knowledge and apply professional skills across domains. This degree combines 30 credits of required coursework with another 30 credits selected from a comprehensive list of electives allowing for a self-designed program of study. This degree culminates with a thesis.

Required Courses (30 Credits)

  • PSY5510: Counseling Theory & Practice
  • PSY5520: Psychology of Human Growth & Development
  • PSY5530: Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior
  • PSY5540: Helping Relationships
  • PSY5550: Group Work and Therapy
  • PSY5560: Career and Lifestyle Development
  • PSY5610: Appraisal and Diagnostic Techniques
  • PSY5620: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY6899: Professional Portfolio (Capstone)
  • PSY5640: Research Methods & Program Evaluation

Elective Courses

  • PSY5630: Human Sexuality for Counselors
  • PSY5710: Professional Orientation & Ethics
  • PSY5720: Practicum in Counseling Psychology
  • PSY5738: Internship in Counseling Psychology I
  • PSY5838: Internship in Counseling Psychology II
  • PSY5938: Internship in Counseling Psychology III
  • PSY6110: Biological Bases of Behavior
  • PSY8660: Personality Theory & Development
  • PSY6220: Family Therapy
  • PSY6310: Psychopharmacology
  • PSY6410: Substance Abuse and Addictive Disorders
  • PSY6510: Crisis Intervention
  • PSY6610: Theoretical Foundations in Complementary Health Counseling
  • PSY6710: Applications in Complementary Health Counseling
  • PSY6810: Contemporary Issues in Complementary Health Counseling
  • PSY6820: The Psychology of Health
  • PSY6830: Spirituality in Counseling
  • PSY6840: Nutrition-Health and Emotional Wellness

Elective courses may be substituted if state requirements needed and/or permit

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