Public Administration (MPA)

The Master of Public Administration program responds to the 21st century conviction that public administrators can and must perform efficiently and effectively with an emphasis on "outcomes."

The Master of Public Administration is a professional degree primarily for those who want to pursue public service. The degree provides the knowledge and competencies of the career-minded public official. While the program is an academic one, the faculty is drawn from both academe and the public service sector. This program integrates a broad knowledge of administrative principles with the development of skill areas essential for the success of contemporary public administration.

The degree combines the interest of theoretical and behavioral inquiry associated with the social sciences, and the emphasis on managerial principles and practices found in many schools of business and management. It reflects the conviction that the administrator in public service must possess the knowledge and skills of a strategic manager and visionary leader with sensitivity to the political, social, and cultural elements that impinge upon the public organization. The program blends courses having a broad orienting function with those that impart definite skills.

The program allows for different rates of progress toward the degree. The Master of Public Administration is a program that requires 36 credit hours for completion with courses running on a seven week schedule; classes two evenings each week.


Except in the semester where the MPA Capstone course is offered, each course offered in a semester will run for seven weeks and will meet two evenings per week. At the end of the seven weeks, your next course will start. Each student will be able to take two courses per semester under this format in the fall and spring semesters and one course in each of the two summer sessions.

Courses will be offered on a repeating two-year calendar which allows degree completion within 24 months of starting the degree program. Courses will be offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters and students will be required to take summer courses as they will not be offered at any other point of time in the academic year.

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