An American in China

Teaching, Learning, and Living

Blog Correspondent: Stephen Lampkin '13

DECEMBER, 28, 2013

Sometimes you have to leave home to find a home... and a job. That was the case for four American International College student-athletes who were looking for career options after their senior year and ended up in China. Stephen Lampkin an AIC football player, Rochelle Higgins, an AIC Rugby player, Daniel Pugliese, football, and Jeff Ceccacci, hockey, are all teaching as English specialists in Beijing thanks to a partnership between AIC and Etonkids Educational Group.

Etonkids, a collaboration of experts in the fields of education, research, and school management, utilizes educational philosophies and models of successful school management from around the world to improve China's early education sector. Etonkids arranges the teaching assignment, travel, and helps find suitable living arrangements.

Lampkin, an elementary education major from Norwich, Connecticut, said outside of a little homesickness everything is going fine. In his words, hereís how the adventure is going so far:

Since coming to China, I view the world in a completely different light; colors seem more vivid, experiences appear more significant. Though it hasnít always been easy, this could possibly be the best decision I have made in my 23 years of life. Since completely immersing myself in this new culture, I view every day as a new page in this book of life, with the turn of each page, the book only gets more interesting!

Moving to Beijing, a city with over 22 million people, has transformed my myopic views of the world and given these views more understanding alongside a wider scope of knowledge.

I would recommend an experience like this to anyone.

The world is much, much bigger than America.

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