Set Girl

AIC set designer works for play

Guest Blogger: Megan Lanier-Gomez

APRIL 16, 2013

AIC's theater department is putting on a production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons this weekend. The play, which chronicles one family's downfall after the loss of their son in WWII, will be performed three times: at 7:00 p.m. April 19 and 20, and at 2:00 p.m. on April 21. Today, guest blogger and set designer Megan Lanier-Gomez offers readers a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes before an AIC theater production goes live.

Stage crew is one of the most important jobs in theater. Our main goal is to create a stage environment to help the actors live in the moment and the audience to believe what they see. We brainstorm together and work hard for a successful show.

We first mapped out how our set would look by measuring the actual stage, then cutting sections of Styrofoam to create a model. This week, April 14–18, is our tech-week, and that’s when all of the construction begins. Here, some of our set crew are creating a model of the stage setup, just to give the actors an idea of what the stage scenery will look like. We will be creating the whole entire stage. Boy, this is going to be a challenge.

The platforms are really heavy, and we can't do it alone. So when we can, we grab some of the available actors to help place things in the correct spots.

Each scene will have a certain level of light exposure, some will be dramatic some will be soft. During some of the practices we place the lights how they are scheduled for the show just so that actors have some exposure and prepared for the brightness.

Come out and be a witness to our hard work and dedication on April 19, 20, and 21! Read more about the play here.

Megan Lanier-Gomez provided both the writing and photography for this post, work that also fulfills the requirements for her "Creating Content for the AIC Community" assignment in Digital Photo II.
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