Special Accomodations

The Mass Mutual Center has a limited number of wheelchairs for patrons to use. Upon arrival, the individual should ask one of the Event Staff members, and the person will be directed toward the Command Center, where wheelchairs can be checked out. A valid ID must be presented and held in order to use a wheelchair for an event.

There is a passenger elevator to go up to the concourse for those individuals who need to use it (versus stairs). Upon arrival at the Box Office Lobby, patrons should ask one of the Event Staff members, and the party will be escorted to the elevator.

The Mass Mutual center has approximately 35 spaces on the inner concourse, and another 35 spaces on the upper level, reserved for persons with disability. As this event is open to the general public, no ticket required, these spaces cannot be reserved in advance, and they are on a first come, first serve basis. In order to accommodate as many people as we can (and with graduations we have a large number of people requiring special accommodation seating), we generally try to limit seating in those areas to the person with the disability plus one member in their party.

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