Computer / Internet Policy

Shea Library provides information services to its library patrons, which include students, staff, and faculty of American International College.


Shea Library is an academic library with private access to its databases and online subscription services. All computer labs are for the A.I.C. community only. This computer policy is designed to support the academic mission of the college. For this reason, the availability of its resources for its faculty, students and staff is its fundamental priority.

Computer Labs

  • A.I.C. students, faculty and staff have primary access to the computers. While computer use is on a first come, first serve basis, research takes precedent over casual or recreational use.
  • During times of heavy use, computer time is restricted to 60 minutes per person.
  • If a patron violates the Internet Policy of Shea Library the staff may, at their discretion, curtail use, deny further access, or ask the patron to leave the area or the building entirely.


  • The library does not provide email accounts, nor is the staff trained in the use of web-based mail. Staff is not obligated to help patrons set up email accounts but can be of assistance at their own discretion. For help with email accounts patrons must contact the I.T. department.
  • To avoid disruption to other patrons, cell phone use is prohibited in the computer area. Phones must to be switched to silent alert before entering the building (see Cell Phone Policy for further information). When a patron receives a call he or she must exit the computer area.
  • Sound must be listened to through personal ear buds or headphones.
  • All public computers are shut down 15 minutes before closing. All patrons must plan ahead to finish all Internet/computer activity at the appropriate time.
  • Patrons cannot commit any deliberate act which will compromise the integrity of the computer equipment, its systems, programs or any other storied information.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Patrons cannot store personal information on the computers. Flash or jump drive use is strongly encouraged.
  • Patrons cannot use the computers for unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material, illegal purposes or in violation of the Massachusetts General Law (See Massachusetts General Law 272 Section 31).


The private use of the computers and/or Internet is considered confidential information and is not part of public records. All staff members of the library must support the policy of confidentiality. This policy is based on the American Library Associationís Bill of Rights (


The Internet supplies an abundance of information of information and while a great deal of it is professional and often educational, there is material that may be offensive to certain patrons, or that may be illegal. Library staff is not responsible for what is displayed on the Internet. The library does not assume responsibility for any Internet content, including information that may be illegal, offensive, inaccurate, or out of date.


Computer print-outs are managed through the collegeís GoPrint system. All American International College students have accounts which are managed through the I.T department.

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