AIC Traditions

AIC has a number of traditions that contribute to our personality and make our campus feel like a community. Read on for some of our most beloved traditions.

The Spirit Rock

A large rock sits on AIC’s campus, commonly painted with an AIC Yellow Jacket. But tradition invites student leaders and other campus groups to paint the Spirit Rock, so the rock’s message changes often to reflect our current student body. It may welcome new students to campus, advertise upcoming events, or generally represent the pervasive school spirit at AIC.

Football Fridays

On most Friday mornings, AIC President Dr. Maniaci can be found in the quad with students, tossing a well-worn football bearing the logo of the team he watched growing up — the San Francisco 49ers. Over the course of your four years at AIC, you will likely wind up playing catch with President Maniaci — or even taking part in a quick pick-up game with the “prez.”

College Seal

“Post tenebras lux” is the motto inscribed on AIC’s college seal. Translated to “After darkness, light,” our motto serves as a reminder to all of the mission and purpose of AIC. Many of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff find the motto an inspiring reminder of the ways in which AIC led them to a bright future.

The Flag Room

Wander into the library, turn a corner, and you’ll be in the Flag Room. Containing eight computers and featuring large tables for studying, the ceiling of the Flag Room features more than 50 flags from around the world, representing the countries of origin for AIC’s international student population.

Have a Seat

One of the keystones of the AIC experience is the opportunity to interact with students from many different backgrounds, forming friendships that last a lifetime. AIC students do this all over campus, but you will commonly find groups of students “having a seat” on the steps of the Student Center overlooking the quad, at the picnic tables in front of the Dining Commons (known as the “DC”), or in the Living Room, a comfy indoor space with a fireplace, magazines, and overhead doors that open onto our patio, creating a beautiful indoor/outdoor space that students enjoy year-round.

The Haka

The haka is a traditional ancestral war dance from the Māori people of New Zealand. Performed by warriors before a battle, it’s intended to proclaim their strength and prowess and intimidate the opposition. On AIC’s campus, it’s traditional to perform this ceremony before each men’s rugby match.

Stress-Free Week

The week of finals is always stressful. AIC prepares by hosting Stress-Free Week in advance of your exams. Activities include a Midnight Breakfast that many faculty attend. After all, they can get stressed out, too.

The Parade of Nations

With deep international roots, AIC celebrates the heritage of our international students each year with the Parade of Nations. Graduating students with international backgrounds enter the arena carrying their country’s flag.

Quad As…

You never quite know what to expect when you head to the quad. In the middle of the winter, it may be turned into an impromptu ice rink. Sweltering hot day? You will likely find Slip ‘n Slides set up to help cool you down. Kickball game in progress? Join in. Rock wall set up? Get climbing. The quad is truly the heart of the campus, and it’s an AIC tradition to keep students guessing as to what fun activity will be happening there next.

Homecoming Weekend

There is always plenty of music, sports, and food at Homecoming Weekend as AIC celebrates its anniversary. The celebration includes reunion dinners, a Homecoming parade, and the return of fraternities and sororities to the AIC campus. Current students attend sporting events over the weekend, including our home football game (be sure to bring your eyeblack), and host the traditional Homecoming Pep Rally.

Deposit Bell

It is traditional in admissions offices across the country to celebrate a student’s confirming deposit by ringing a bell. Well, in the AIC Office of Admissions, that “ding” is just the start of our celebrations. Admissions counselors emerge from their offices with horns, noisemakers, and shouts of “hooray!” Make your deposit in person at AIC’s annual Accepted Student’s Day and you’ll get to ring the bell yourself!

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