President’s Faculty Excellence Awards

The Office of the President presents awards each year to recognize faculty excellence. Five awards, in the amount of $3,000 each, are offered annually. In order to be eligible for these awards, a candidate must be a full-time faculty member who has completed at least one year of employment at American International College.

Guidelines for Nominations

The foremost criterion for the President’s Faculty Excellence Award is overall excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service appropriate to their appointment. Nominees must demonstrate excellence in the first three areas below:

Teaching and Advising

The excellent teacher provides an academic experience in which students have the means and opportunity to acquire and master the skills, knowledge, and attitudes appropriate to the curriculum. She/he develops and maintains an environment that fosters this learning experience, and provides quality advising and mentoring to students.

Scholarly/Professional Development Activities

The nominee engages in the ongoing pursuit of some or all of the following activities: (i) initiates, maintains, or extends scholarly and professional expertise; (ii) remains current with new developments in his/her field; (iii) participates in those developments; (iv) engages students in research and guides them in their research activities; (v) participates in activities beyond the AIC community which employ the individual’s expertise, skills, or knowledge in service to the larger community; and (vi) presents himself/herself and AIC in a positive light.

Institutional Service

The nominee goes above and beyond with respect to faculty, academic, and institutional responsibilities, including actively supporting student engagement and activities.

Additional Areas of Qualification

Candidates should be able to demonstrate distinction in all of the three areas of excellence noted above. Examples of distinction could include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovations in teaching
  • Incorporating experiential learning initiatives into the curriculum
  • Demonstrated excellence in student advisement, and in working with students on scholarly activities
  • Scholarly accomplishments within his/her respective discipline
  • Bringing regional, statewide, or national recognition to the College
  • Exemplary service to the College, its students, the larger community, and/or the discipline

How to Nominate

Any faculty, administrator, student, alumnus, or alumna from the college community may nominate an individual for the President’s Faculty Excellence Award. It is the nominator’s responsibility to complete and submit the nomination, although a student nominator may request that this responsibility be given to a faculty member or administrator. Self-nominations are not eligible.

Required Materials

Download and fill out the President’s Faculty Excellence Award Form, and provide the following items.

  • Three letters of support (not to exceed two pages, 12 pt. font):
    • Nominating letter by a faculty colleague or administrator, a student, or an alumnus/a
    • A single support letter from faculty colleague, administrator, a student, an alumnus/a, or external colleague
    • Support letter by the nominee’s dean, who will also supply the nominee’s curriculum vitae (if the nominating letter is from the nominee’s dean, another support letter will be required)

The strongest support letters will address all roles the faculty member is typically expected to perform, including excellence in teaching, institutional participation, and professional development/scholarly activities/community engagement, as well as examples of distinctions in these areas.

The nomination is limited to the materials listed; no additional materials will be considered.

Previous Nominations

Former nominees for the excellence award may be resubmitted for consideration (materials must be updated to reflect the guidelines in this document). Previous award recipients are not eligible to be nominated.


Nominations will be reviewed by the President’s Faculty Awards Committee. Reviewers are ineligible for these awards and may neither nominate nor write in support of a candidate. If a faculty awards committee member is nominated, he/she must recuse himself/herself from the process for that year. The awardees will be recognized at the annual campus reception held in May and at Commencement.


The nomination form, along with supporting materials, must be submitted as a complete electronic package to Chair, Faculty Excellence Award Committee, by Monday, April 2, 2018, to

Award Recipients

AIC is proud to recognize exemplary faculty members with the President’s Faculty Excellence Awards. The awards are given annually for overall excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service, exemplify AIC’s standing as a leader in higher education in the Springfield, Massachusetts area.


AIC is proud to recognize Allison Sullivan as the President’s Faculty Excellence Award recipient for 2018.

faculty excellence award recipient Allison Sullivan

Allison Sullivan, OTD
Associate Professor
OTD Program Coordinator

Dr. Sullivan is an associate professor of occupational therapy and active researcher in the occupational therapy community. Dr. Sullivan’s research findings can be found in wide range of media, such as publications, presentations, interviews, newspaper articles, blogs, and her own professional website.


AIC is proud to recognize Ellen Furman, PhD, RN and John Rogers, PhD as its President’s Faculty Excellence Awards recipients for 2017.

Thanks to both 2017 recipients for their dedication to AIC, our students, and our community!Faculty Excellence Award Recipient Ellen Furman

Ellen Furman, PhD
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Associate Director of Graduate Nursing

Dr. Furman is an assistant professor of nursing and associate director for graduate nursing programs at AIC whose practice and scholarly interests focus on gerontology. She is also a board-certified clinical nurse specialist in gerontological nursing.

Headshot of John Rogers

John Rogers, PhD
Professor of Economics

Dr. Rogers is a professor of economics and former dean of the AIC School of Business Administration. He teaches economics, finance, and healthcare management, and is a frequent spokesperson for the College on matters as diverse as trade, market trends, and the retail economy.

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