Welcome to AIC!

While you’re so close to starting your AIC career, there are still a few items you need to take care of before you arrive this fall!

You will be receiving (if you haven’t already) a Welcome Packet with all the important paperwork you still need to complete. Think of this packet as a roadmap to your future. Please carefully review this paperwork, fill it out completely, and send it back to us as soon as possible. If you’ve misplaced your packet or if you prefer to complete these items online, follow the below steps.

  1. Register for a Summer Summit Day
    1. AIC’s Summer Summit Days are the official beginning of your college career! Register for a Summer Summit Day now!
  2. Sign up for Classes
    1. Freshmen: Complete the form in your Welcome Packet or the online form found here.
    2. Transfers: Call the Advising Office at 413.654.1440 to schedule an appointment with your Advisor.
  3.  Complete your Health Forms
    1. Be sure to complete all the required health forms. If you have questions, call Dexter Health Services at 413.205.3248.
  4.  Complete your Housing Form
    1. All residential and commuter students must apply for Housing/Commuter status. Complete the appropriate form here by clicking on either “New, and Transfer Student Housing Application Information (Undergraduate and Graduate)” or “Commuter Information” and following the directions.
  5.  Save the Date!
    1. Move-In Day and New Student Orientation are right around the corner!
  6. Send us your Forms
    1. Be sure to mail us back any completed forms from your Welcome Pack (if you didn’t do them online).
    2. You can use the pre-paid envelopes in your packet or mail them directly to:
      1. American International College
        Office of Admissions
        1000 State Street
        Springfield, MA 01109

* International Students will need to complete additional steps including obtaining an I-20 immigration document, submitting an I-901 payment, and applying for a Student Visa. Please visit the International Student Life Accepted Students page for more details.

Have questions? Call the Admissions Office at 413.205.3201 or email admissions@aic.edu.

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